Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Rick Weiland forges common ground with Independent gubernatorial candidate Mike Myers, telling cannabis advocate Ryan Gaddy that he supports legalizing marijuana for medical use:

Gaddy posts this video in the comment section on Weiland's dogged opposition to the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. At first, I thought, "Ryan! Get on topic!" But then I saw the Kurtzian logic: the same conventional wisdom that says conservative four-wheeling South Dakotans support a big oil pipeline says that conservative law-and-order South Dakotans will have a gut reaction against letting folks use pot in any form. Yet Weiland bucks that conventional wisdom on both issues. Weiland appears to understand that personal experience—facing a pipeline in your eminent domained backyard, or seeing a loved one suffer from cancer—changes one's conventional wisdom. Weiland is willing to pass on the easy public position and advocate for those who have learned from those challenging experiences.

Weiland scores bonus points for sporting the bolo tie. I dare you to wear the bolo Thursday night on SDPB, Rick, as you turn to Rounds and say, "The question isn't why I support medical marijuana; the question is why you won't support opening the door for doctors to prescribe a drug that can ease the suffering of our fellow South Dakotans?"

Rounds does indeed slam that door shut in this interview with Gaddy. After catching some offensive lines from Mike Huckabee's speech for Rounds last week (including Huckabee's joke that folks who don't support Rounds shouldn't register to vote) and getting campaign manager Mitch Krebs to make good on an interview request submitted last spring, Gaddy gets Rounds on the records around 5:25 saying he has no interest at all in approving medical marijuana: