I am alarmed that John Shaw of Mitchell finds it acceptable to spew lies and hatred. I am more alarmed that the Mitchell Daily Republic abdicates its journalistic responsibility and prints Shaw's bigoted fabrications.

I excerpt with disgust and reluctance (because the comment section will turn ugly quickly, and because Shaw's blatant disregard for fact and decency demonstrate he is seeking to provoke a fight and stroke his own paranoia, not engage in neighborly discourse) comments made by John Shaw in a letter to the editor, published Saturday, November 29, 2014:

Currently 7.4 percent (23 million) of the United States population (315 million) controls the remaining 92.6 percent (292.5 million) of the U.S. population. There are two cultures of the 7.4 percent representing 3.7 percent each that have been and are currently transforming America, and they are the Muslim Islamic and sodomite cultures [John Shaw, letter to the editor, Mitchell Daily Republic, 2014.11.29].

Good grief—we're only two sentences in, and I already have seven responses:

  1. Golden rule: I defy anyone to establish that the small percentage of Americans practicing Islam and the small percentage of Americans practicing homosexuality have more control over this country than the 5% who control more than half of the nation's wealth.
  2. Shaw tries to give his warmed-over Hitlerian screed a gloss of authority with bogus decimals.
  3. Muslims make up 0.6% or maybe 2.2% of the U.S. population. The only source I find saying "3.7%" is this 2012 article listing the Muslim populations of Chicago and Detroit at 3.7%, the largest Muslim populations listed for any U.S. metro area.
  4. "Muslim Islamic" is a redundant term bred of pretentious ignorance.
  5. Gays, lesbians, and bisexuals make up 2.3% of the U.S. population.
  6. "Sodomite culture" is an insult cloaked in piety, not a real sociological category.
  7. If there were such a thing as a "sodomite culture," I can only assume from Shaw's word choice that it would include the 4% of men and 20% of women who say they've had anal sex in the past year.

The Mitchell Daily Republic should have shelved this letter right there. But no. Their editorial board, which will retract an eyewitness observation just because a grouchy Republican lawyer disagrees, lets Shaw carry on:

Most of the Muslims in the U.S. have immigrated here from the Middle East. Some Americans and other nationalities here have converted to the hellish, terroristic, Islamic ideology that barbs itself as a peaceful religion that destroyed the New York Twin Towers and 3,500 lives, plus killing U.S. servicemen at Fort Hood, Texas, and a U.S. recruitment center, decapitating a U.S. employee and performing honor killings in the U.S. to Muslim wives and daughters and our U.S. delusional leadership calls it PC — workplace violence? [Shaw, 2014.11.29]

And the Jews killed Jesus, so Judaism must be a hellish, terroristic ideology, and I must just be some PC wuss for saying the Holocaust was a bad idea, right? (Crying "political correctness" is just the whining of privileged bigots who don't like their linguistic tools of oppression taken away.)

Then Shaw really piles on the lies:

The Washington, D.C., federal government is loaded with Muslim brotherhood jihadist operatives at every high-level branch, with the consent of our current Muslim Oval Office occupier. The Muslim-Islamic literature cancer is in all of our learning institutions, (including first grade) brainwashing our current and future generations of leadership and citizenry [Shaw, 2014.11.29].

My goodness—people actually say these things... and a supposedly reputable newspaper publishes them. A baseless general assertion about government officials, a persistent and pernicious lie about the President, and a wild accusation about the content of the curriculum in every school in America. Please, make the stupid stop!

The second controlling 3.7 percent consists of sodomites, lesbians, transgenders and man-boy love cultures that promote and destroy the civil and little remaining biblical fabric of our nation in the education centers, corporation sponsorships, liberal churches and secular society in general, with Hollywood, the mainstream news media and the Democratic Party supporting this cauldron of wickedness. Obama announced that June was proclaimed sodomy month (LGBT Pride Month), and he continued to advance the sodomite culture. Obama and his administration influenced liberal activist judges to overturn states' one man, one woman marriage amendments to accommodate wicked, non-existent sodomite marriage [Shaw, 2014.11.29].

Got that, Nancy, Jennie, Greg, Mark? You are wicked, your loving commitments don't exist, and you're not having sex the way John Shaw says you should. That'll fix you.

Shaw closes by co-opting his God's righteous wrath...

"And for this cause, God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: that they all might be damned who believed not the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness." (2 Thessalonians 2:11,12)

Judgment is here and what is coming you will not enjoy [Shaw, 2014.11.29].

...but how can I trust his apparent claim to be Christian any more than he trusts the copious evidence that Barack Hussein Obama is Christian? One little Bible quote from Shaw? Pshaw. John Shaw is no Christian. He's just some malcontent, a feckless and frustrated man who a generation ago would have been Archie Bunkering about Negroes and Jews running everything. Unable to resort to such slurs in 2014, Shaw scapes other goats.

I wish I could ignore Shaw's screed and let it fade away. Ignorance and hatred will always curse our fallible race... and that is all the more reason to whack it every time it rears its head, to keep it from building and doing more harm. Mitchell editors, if you feel compelled to print such ignorance and hatred, you should at least feel compelled to debunk his lies.