Pat Powers and plank

Pat Powers's vision problem

This morning's review of Dakota War College finds Pat Powers wallowing in blogospherical inferiority and hypocrisy again.

Powers finds it useful to mock that Sioux Falls paper for not making a headline out of where Sioux Falls police found a suspected killer. Over John Hult's straightforward journalism on the arrest of Arthur L. Brundige for the murder of Sabrina White, some copy desk editor (quite possibly out of state at Gannett Central) places the headline, "Homeless Sex Offender Charged in Woman's Murder." Powers slobbers over the fact, reported by Hult, that the suspect was found by police working at the newspaper Wednesday stuffing ads in the Thanksgiving edition. The suspect "was not an Argus Leader employee," notes Hult, but was a temp hired by Labor Ready.

Powers smirks that Hult and the headline "minimize the fact he was physically working at the Argus" and "throw Labor Ready under the bus." Powers appears confused: there is no bus-throwing here, just an accurate reporting of the facts.

This is the same Powers who minimizes the fact that he himself was physically working in the Secretary of State's office while maintaining a business and website engaging in partisan activities that represented a conflict of interest with his job helping to manage elections. This is the same Pat Powers who never blanched at Mike Rounds's minimization and outright misrepresentation of his employerly responsibility for EB-5 czar Joop Bollen. Mike Rounds actually knew about and approved of the plan through which Bollen broke multiple state laws and policies and defrauded the state of millions of dollars, then tried to shirk responsibility for those activities off on the Board of Regents. In fact, while controversy raged during the Senate campaign over Rounds's involvement with Bollen's exploitation of the EB-5 program and mismanagement of Northern Beef Packers, Powers said nothing about Bollen from September 11 until November 13, after the election.

Powers mocks journalist John Hult for reporting facts while ignoring the far greater culpability of his own rich and powerful sponsor.