Don't tell me EB-5 doesn't have legs.

The Rapid City Journal joins the chorus saying Mike Rounds is not fit to be Senator. Unlike that Sioux Falls paper, the Rapid City Journal doesn't dance around the EB-5 scandal; it says EB-5 is the primary reason Mike Rounds fails the fundamental test of character:

The revelations over his handling of the EB-5 federal immigration/investment program — many uncovered by reporters from this and other South Dakota newspapers — show that either Rounds was incompetent or has been deceptive about what he knew about the problems plaguing the program.

Those problems include turning the program over to a former Rounds cabinet member, Richard Benda, who allegedly misused travel funds, may have misappropriated a half-million dollars, and eventually committed suicide when authorities closed in.

But moreover, Rounds filed false testimony to a legislative committee after claiming his office was never served with a lawsuit over the handling of program financing by another Rounds crony, the elusive Joop Bollen. Rounds corrected the record, but it is either incompetence or deception by Rounds when he still claims not to have been told of the lawsuit even though his own brother oversaw legal matters involving the state at the time [editorial board, "Journal Endorses Pressler for US Senate," Rapid City Journal, 2014.11.02].

Incompetent, deceptive—not fit to be Senator. That's Mike Rounds.

RCJ picks Pressler over Weiland and Howie, primarily on experience. Like the Sioux Falls paper, they have to make up excuses to avoid endorsing the eminently qualified Weiland, like saying that somehow his ability to be a "man of the people" would cause him to make bad choices on foreign policy (really, RCJ? I'd think a "man of the people" would be keenly interested in protecting the people from getting tangled up in unjust wars).

RCJ doesn't mention Rounds's lies about Weiland's support for Ellsworth Air Force Base. It doesn't mention any of the anti-regulatory smaller government folderol Rounds peddles. In endorsing Pressler, they focus on what an active government can do for South Dakota, like improving commercial air service.

South Dakota's two biggest newspapers just can't bring themselves to endorse a Democrat for Senator. But they far more strongly condemn Mike Rounds as a secretive, deceptive, and incompetent choice for Senate (which is what I've been telling you on the basis of EB-5 all along).