And what does Rick Weiland have to say about the outcome of the election? No retreat, no surrender:

While we came up short of our ultimate destination last night, I couldn’t be more proud of the race we ran and the incredible journey I’ve experienced over the past 18 months.

I will always remember the literally tens of thousands of South Dakotans I met along the way. I will remember the young Native American children on our reservations fighting for a better life against a government that puts the needs of big corporations ahead of them.

I also will remember all the folks I talked to who are working two minimum wage jobs just to try to put enough food on the table to feed their families.

I will remember the seniors I visited with who wouldn’t give up their Medicare for anything and can’t understand why Big Money wants to turn it into a voucher program so millionaires can get a $200,000 tax cut.

I will remember the veterans I visited with who can’t understand why they can’t get the care they need when they return home from combat while they watch the richest one percent of this country pad their pockets even more with all kinds of help from a government that is no longer on their side.

We came up short last night in our effort to take back our country. But, when you look at history, the big battles are never easy. But, I still believe that when individual citizens, the people who make this country go, get good and riled up, real change is possible. I will continue to fight for that change and I hope you will join me.

The fight for getting Big Money out of politics has to go on.

There are simply too many people, too many lives at stake and too many kids who need to have the same opportunity I had growing up.

No retreat. No surrender.

Thank you all so much [Rick Weiland, e-mail to supporters, 2014.11.05].

Thank you, Rick. Stick around. Stand with all South Dakotans of good conscience and fight the war that we must wage for liberty and justice for all.