Last Friday, at the behest of lawyer Jeff Sveen, the Mitchell Daily Republic retracted a single statement that it printed four weeks ago asserting that Sveen was a "partner" of EB-5 czar Joop Bollen. Sveen has worked as Bollen's lawyer, but he asserts that he is not Bollen's "partner."

I found the retraction curious. The retraction made Denise Ross furious. She wrote the original report, including the statement from California financier David Kang about the relationship between Sveen and Bollen. Ross stands by her story and her source. She tells the Madville Times that the "unwarranted" retraction is so "problematic" that she has quit the Mitchell paper.

In this country, running a news company and working in journalism are a public trust. The lawyers and corporate brass of Forum Communications in Fargo breached that trust in printing this correction/retraction.

David Kang had a specific reason for identifying Jeff Sveen as a 'partner' of Joop Bollen's.

If the boys in Fargo had as good a reason for ordering the correction/retraction, it was not revealed to me [Denise Ross, response to Madville Times inquiry, 2014.11.17].

The Mitchell paper is having a tough time keeping talent. They shed editor Seth Tupper earlier this year; he jumped right into writing powerful reports on the EB-5 scandal for the Rapid City Journal. Let us hope Ross is able to make a similar soft landing and find a new platform for her excellent reporting on the most important corruption story in South Dakota.