South Dakota Democrats, take heart!

I know, you're going to get sick of me saying that, but hey: if you can't stand dogged optimism, you're reading the wrong blog.

Two grassroots effort to restore South Dakota Democratic fortunes have bubbled up in the comment section. Now South Dakota Democratic Party exec Zach Crago signals the party itself is doing what it needs to do: acting like a learning organization, studying its actions in this election, and seeking lessons for the next great battle.

Rest assured we know that the party cannot be content with this election’s results. We have to do more. We have to do better. That’s why I want to make the following promises with activists, contributors, county officers, and candidates like you: Over the next two months, we will…

  1. Review our investments over the election cycle.
  2. Analyze election results against our voter file to identify challenges & opportunities.
  3. Ask supporters like you where you think the state party should prioritize our investments.
  4. Plan new strategies to win based on the review, analysis, and survey results.

Please be part of this process as we dig into the data to plot a new path forward. As always, you can contact me or anyone at the party to share your ideas so that we can continue to work together for a better South Dakota [Zach Crago, letter to Democrats, reprinted on Dakota War College, 2014.11.10].

Failure should not always summon the firing squad. We need the folks who failed to stick around and help us learn from that failure.

Crago's last sentence about continuing to work together is particularly important. The grassroots movements are citizens forming bucket brigades. The SDDP is the fire department. The fire department's pump truck keeps breaking down, but Crago is under the hood diagnosing the problem. He'll fix the truck and get to the fire. The fire department shouldn't turn away the help of the bucket brigades, but the bucket brigades have to remember that the fire department has vital knowledge and equipment that will help both groups achieve their common goal of putting out the fire of corrupt, crony capitalist (dare I say nihilistically postmodern?) Republican rule.

Citizens, keep bringing those buckets. But if you have a moment, lend Zach a wrench!