Mike Rounds promised to bring "South Dakota Common Sense™" to Washington, D.C. Mike Rounds is hiring out-state D.C. insiders for his staff.

Imminent Rounds legislative director Gregg Rickman is from Ohio. He's worked in Washington as a Congressional staffer and lobbyist since 1991. Soon-to-be communications director Natalie Krings is from Nebraska. She has worked for Nebraska Senator Mike Johanns since 2008.

I can see the logic and wisdom of a new Senator hiring some folks with Washington experience to help a run the show. I suspect Rickman and Krings are decent, capable workers. I have no ideological principle on which to disqualify Rickman or Krings from working for South Dakota's junior Senator.

But Mike Rounds should have an issue with hiring these D.C. creatures. Republicans who bought Rounds's slogans should have an issue. People who think words mean something should have an issue.

Mike Rounds said Washington needs "South Dakota Common Sense." He's hiring staff who've accumulated years of Washington, D.C., common sense.

Mike Rounds said that Washington is broken. He is hiring parts of the broken machine.

I suppose I should get over being surprised when Mike Rounds says words he does not mean. But such is the misrepresentation with which we are stuck for six years: Mike Rounds saying things that sound nice for the home folks, then acting in ways that expose the meaningless of his words.