Senator John Thune chirps mindlessly over Senator Chuck Schumer's supposed regret over the push for the Affordable Care Act.

The only thing we Democrats have to regret about pushing for the Affordable Care Act in our best window of opportunity is that we committed the very sin that Rick Weiland and Elizabeth Warren and other progressives are clamoring to rectify: we gave in to big money and the Republican narrative. We didn't go far enough.

We didn't fight hard enough for a public option to increase competition and lower costs.

We didn't fight hard enough to rein in the power of private insurers, who are still coming between patients and their doctors and playing death panels.

We didn't fight hard enough to lead a conversation on the merits of a single-payer system, a solution that several industrialized countries have adopted without falling into the grip of Stalinism... and a solution that one candidate for South Dakota Democratic Party chair advocated in 2012.

Regrets about the ACA? Yeah, you bet. We regret that we compromised and adopted RomneyCare and didn't fight harder for a more comprehensive solution.