What is it about conservative Christians and their inability to simply argue a point on its merits without resorting to hyperbolizing it into the most important thing ever?

In the South Dakota Legislature's continuing obsession with form over substance, Rep. Scott Craig (R-33/Rapid City) declares that a symbolic and hence impotent vote on House Concurrent Resolution 1004 is the most important thing any legislator will do this session:

Rep. Scott Craig, R-Rapid City, read from the final lines of the resolution that say the court erred and that ask the court to let states make the decisions on abortion.

“These are your words,” Craig told House members. “This is by far the most significant yes vote any one of us can cast this session” [Bob Mercer, "SD House Wants End to Legal Abortion," Rapid City Journal, 2015.01.29].

Rep. Craig apparently mistakes a stemwinding sermon for real statecraft. No vote on any resolution, even this ponderous 6750-word monster, will exceed in practical import any bill, no matter how small, that changes the law and the rules under which our democratic society functions. Yesterday's speeches and votes on HCR 1004 won't feed any kids, free any oppressed women, or, frankly, stop one abortion or unplanned pregnancy or instance of scandalous premarital sex.

I guess we have to keep reminding legislators of physics: Work is force applied over a distance. Rep. Craig and friends can exert their rhetorical force all day on their culture-war issues, but if they don't move practical results, they aren't getting any work done. Get to work, Legislature.