A couple of friends have noted that, over the Monday noon hour, Larry Pressler may have said the funniest thing uttered this month on South Dakota Public Broadcasting. The former Senator and unsuccessful 2014 Independent candidate for Senate was chatting with Karl Gehrke about his involvement with the Centrist Project and the declining state of quality journalism when, at timestamp 5:45, he said this:

We do have some great bloggers in South Dakota who are basically centrists. One of them is Cory Heidelberger, who is a Democrat, but he does some very responsible blogging [Larry Pressler, interview with Karl Gehrke, SDPB: Dakota Midday, 2015.01.05].

Me, a centrist? Mr. Pressler, you're going to mess up my branding!

Pressler singled out another South Dakota blogger for praise:

Another is John Tsitrian, the Constant Commoner. Blogs are coming along, and maybe they will... get us away from lots of other blogs that are just one side or the other [Pressler, 2015.01.05].

John! Wow! You've been banging away for less than a year and a half on your own blog, and already an intelligent, experienced politico can recognize the value of your blogging! Well done!