The Bureau of Finance and Management issued it latest report on South Dakota's economy Wednesday. How're we doing?

  1. As of November 2014, our non-farm employment was up 3,000 jobs, 0.7%, over November 2013. Financial activities, education and health, and leisure and hospitality shed jobs.
  2. Nationally over the same period, non-farm employment was up 2.0%.
  3. In 2013, our per capita personal income was 19th in the nation and $1,400 above the national average. Funny that we don't value teachers enough to ensure they rank similarly in pay.
  4. In Q3 2014, our personal income grew at 1.8% compared to a national growth rate of 3.9%. Farms are dragging us down: farm income dropped 20.8%, while non-farm income matched the national rate at 4.1%.
  5. Over the last 12 months covered by the report, family housing permits dropped 12.6% over the previous 12 months. Total value in those permits dropped 4.2% (about $24 million).
  6. The number of newly permitted Minnehaha County family units dropped 10.5% but increased in value by 2.4% (about $6 million).
  7. The number of newly permitted Pennington County family units dropped 45.6% and decreased in value by 27.3% (about $25 million).