Chuck Clement reports that South Dakota gets a C-minus for K-12 education quality. Education Week remains unimpressed with our public school policies and performance, ranking us 40th in the nation. Our 69.6 on their hundred-point scale isn't much better than the 69.3 we got two years ago.

Clement reports that South Dakota loses big points in school finance:

The state's K-12 system received a D-plus and a rank of 42 in the school finance grading, falling below the average state grade of C.

When the researchers studied K-12 education spending in 2012, they found that South Dakota spent in adjusted per-pupil expenditures $10,740, compared to $11,740 as the national average, giving the state a 31 ranking. However, the center's research also determined that South Dakota only had about 11 percent of its K-12 students in school districts with per-pupil spending at or higher than the national average, making the state's ranking 37 in that category.

South Dakota was ranked 48th in state expenditures on K-12 schooling as a percent of state taxable resources with South Dakota at 2.5 percent and the national average at 3.4 percent [Chuck Clement, "South Dakota's K-12 System Receives C-Minus," Madison Daily Leader, 2015.01.09].

But hey, we're still getting more bang for our buck, right?

The state received a D and a rank of 43 in K-12 achievement, falling below the average state grade of C-minus.

In the area of achievement, South Dakota received its lowest rankings (from 46 to 50) in achievement gains from 4th- and 8th-graders' scores on the National Assessment of Educational Process exams taken from 2003 to 2013. The researchers studied the scale-score changes in the NAEP results. [Clement, 2015.01.09].

Uh oh, Legislature. Sounds like you'd better focus on something other than subjecting teachers to the Pierre Inquisition.