The Pennington County Republicans send me their list of committee chairs for the 2015–2016 term:

  • Membership: Burton Sly
  • Events: David Fisk
  • Media: David Johnson
  • Bylaws and Ethics: David Johnson
  • Technical Director: Doug Dlugosz
  • Fundraising: Perry and Gretchen Strombeck
  • Hill City Coordinator: SD Rep. Mike Verchio
  • E. Pennington County Coordinator: Ted Hustead
  • Office Coordinator: Shannon Royer
  • Outreach: Ken Davis, JP Duniphan, Craig Ericks, Jessica Holt, MaryVee Knauer, and Tom Udager

Curious: are any of those committee chairs leading lights in the hard-core Napoli-Howie arch-conservative wing of the party? Or does the make-up of the Pennington County GOP reflect the failure of Howie-ites to form any viable political movement?