Rep. Kristi Noem says she is "thrilled to put Keystone XL pipeline legislation on the President's desk." She apparently is just as thrilled to put a dangerous and unnecessary pipeline on South Dakota farmers' and ranchers' land via eminent domain.

But her new colleague in the opposite chamber, Senator Mike Rounds, makes a comment about the creation of that Keystone XL bill that should chill our lone Congresswoman's thrill:

The Keystone debate was positive because there was a free flow of ideas, but there wasn’t always time to look into amendments carefully before voting on them, Rounds said [James Arkin, "How Being Governor Did (and Didn't) Prepare Mike Rounds for Senate," Real Clear Politics, 2015.02.09].

Senator Rounds suggests the Republican leadership was so hell-bent on passing this Keystone XL bill that they couldn't pause enough to allow their members to read and study the issue in full. And Congresswoman Noem is thrilled to pester the President with an ill-informed bill to usurp executive authority and approve a pipeline whose policy significance, amidst falling oil prices and growing job numbers, "comes close to nil.'

Mr. President, please do not hesitate to veto the Keystone XL bill.