Annette Bosworth's profitable exploitation of Base Connect and the campaign finance system appears to be petering out. The fake GOP 2014 Senate candidate's year-end FEC report shows net contributions of $4,309.87... which is still pretty good money for an unfocused, inefficient, criminal campaign that ended eight months ago. But it's a big drop from the $217K her direct mailers solicited in Q3, her first full quarter after her June loss, not to mention the $800K she pulled in Q2 and $77K in Q1.

People (all from outside South Dakota, mostly retirees) actually sent the Bosworth "campaign" $11,434.87 during the last three months of the year. However, during the same period, nine donors wised up and asked for their money back. Bosworth reimbursed $7,125 in contributions, 62% of her quarterly take.

Bosworth is also back to spending more than she makes. Her year-end report shows net expenditures of $44,341.14 in Q4

  • $17,500 settled her debt to Colorado-based campaign manager Patrick Davis.
  • $5,934.94 paid her Colorado lawyers.
  • $7,287.50 paid off Sioux Falls lawyer Jeff Beck, the first lawyer to handle her pending perjury case.
  • $5,000 went to Rapid City lawyer Robert Van Norman in October, to top off the $50,000 he received to be her third perjury-trial lawyer. He just got her trial delayed again until May; if she's going to keep him, she's going to need to amp up those campaign contributions... or stop pulling stunts like playing "Doctor of the Day" at the Legislature, see some paying patients, and tell hubby Chad Haber to get a job.
  • $7,200.96 went to Robert Watkins and Company, her Florida-based campaign treasurer.
  • $500 disappeared into "Petty Cash," which may be code for "Annette's daily Starbucks."

The year-end report indicates that Bosworth resolved (i.e., got out of paying) $7,933 to Davis, $20,750 to advertiser SSC Strategies, and $2,000 to campaign staffer Ethan Crisp. The campaign still lists a disputed debt of $33,000 to Sioux Falls attorney Joel Arends. Bosworth has $13,301.34 cash on hand.