Rep. Bolin: State Insurance Company Not a Budget Priority


  1. Way to go Representative Bolin!

    Guessing that Tony and the Gov were not very happy with this and who can blame them. They rule with an iron fist and the legislature and the people of the state are only here to do their bidding.

    In a homage to Leonard Nimoy, there is an intelligent life form in Pierre!

    Spock also give us this that the Governor and his son-in-law should pay heed to:

    "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one."

    SPOCK, Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan

  2. These captive insurance companies will become just another place to stash funds. As if we don't have enough slush funds in Pierre.

  3. Daugaard beat his Democratic opponents by claiming to be a conservative limited-government Republican. Very skillful of our Chicago lawyer in chief to bait and switch as he has. He has increased state government and spending 4 years in a row and has signed off on tax/ fee increases a plenty.

  4. Those damn liberal Democrats are so lousy at economics! Just look at Gov. Dayton in MN. He's one of the most liberal governors in the country. He's raised taxes on the rich, never shies away from regulations on business to protect the people and environment, pours money into education, embraced Obamacare and Medicaid, supports fair help for the poor and immigrants.

    It's Pathetic! Pathetic I tell you!

    So how did MN manage to be sitting on a $1.86 BILLION SURPLUS?

    Just how did that happen?

  5. Author

    Rep. Bolin could fund a lot of his priorities with Minnesota's budget surplus. I wonder if he'd back the state insurance company in Minnesota's situation.

  6. In order for SD to have that surplus, business would have to pay their fair share, anybody here expect the ruling party to do that?

  7. CH when are you speaking in Sioux Falls.

  8. Cory-Walker in Wisconsin claims to have a huge surplus( actually it is a deficit) but he is going to skip state debt payment just because. Surplus/deficit depends on how you cook the books in Wisconsin.

  9. Yes Mike. Scott-Fiscally-Responsible-Conservative-Walker is skipping a payment on Wisconsin's indebtedness because the state is broke thanks to his economic policies. Oh, Walker's Republican economic scheme of hacking off large chunks of the education budget while giving tax breaks for the rich has worked perfectly ---- if by "working", he meant destroying the state's economy now and into the future.

    Oh yeah, the payment skipping will make the indebtedness even worse by adding to costs. Good old Republican Economics.

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