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CAH Nov 2010 -- Photo Credit: Jeremiah MurphyCory: What's the Madville Times about?

I love South Dakota. I refer to South Dakota as a whole as my home, as my community. I refer to people all over the state, from Madison to Spearfish, from Mobridge to Springfield, as my neighbors. I write first and foremost for my South Dakota neighbors and ex-pats who care about them and their home state. I write to provoke those South Dakotans in place and in spirit to ask questions and have conversations about South Dakota and about how to make our state better.

The Madville Times is about South Dakota politics. I discuss and invite you to discuss statewide and local issues. I love discussing news from all towns in South Dakota, big and small, but Madison (I grew up there) and Spearfish (I lived, worked, biked, and ran there) occupy special spots in my heart and my blog.

I occasionally turn to national and international issues, usually because of their impact on South Dakota, sometimes just because I find them darned interesting.

I make no pretense of objective reporting. I'm a South Dakota Democrat, the loyal opposition, and the closest thing to liberal media South Dakota produces. I make clear in my blog posts what I believe and what I want for my community.

Whenever possible, I will offer quotes and hyperlinks to verify my facts and support my opinions. I encourage readers and commenters to do the same.

I am 100% owner and operator of this blog. No political party, corporation, or other organization dictates content or editorial choices.

This blog is funded entirely by contributions from appreciative readers and advertisers who want to reach the smartest online audience in South Dakota. To support the Madville Times, tap the Tip Jar in the near right sidebar! To advertise, read my Advertising policy, then contact me.

Original "About" Text:

The Madville Times is an alternative voice reporting and commenting on issues concerning the bustling prairie metropolis of Madison, the surrounding environs of idyllic Lake Herman and Lake Madison, and the great state of South Dakota. This site will post comments, links, and essays on economic and environmental issues, media criticism, education, government policy, and anything else with even a tangential relation to the general welfare of this fine town, county, and state.

Madison already has two main media outlets -- the Madison Daily Leader and KJAM radio. Alas, the local media have a tendency not to say things that would ruffle feathers; after all, small-town newspaper publishers and radio station managers have to play nice with their friends at the Chamber of Commerce and the country club as much asif not more thantheir big-city counterparts do. The editor of the Madville Times, a lifelong resident of the area, feels no such obligation.

Cory Allen Heidelberger, August 11, 2005