That Sioux Falls paper features this piping-hot appetizer showing Sanaa Abourezk turning her 8th Street Gourmet into Coyote Ugly:

Come dance, come eat—what more could Sioux Falls need to recruit workers?

And Jim Abourezk, how do you ever concentrate?


Rick Weiland wins more pretty good national press. Bloomberg sends filmmaker Griffin Hammond to shoot this lovely five-and-a-half-minute snapshot of the South Dakota Senate race. The video revolves around the stirring Weiland narrative. On the side, it shows Pressler as the earnest Independent, Howie as the typical Tea Partier, and Rounds, the once frontrunner, as, well, smiley but unexceptional and uninspiring.

"From Peever to Pukwana to Pringle"—that should be the header on every Weiland ad, letter, banner, and bumper sticker.


Holy cow! As Kevin Woster notes, with all the trumpets sounding around Rick Weiland and all the dynamite going off around Mike Rounds (Republicans, Stace Nelson would have been above 40%), the House race isn't getting much attention.

For a brief diversion, here's Corinna Robinson's (homemade?) campaign video:


Rep. Noem goes for the horse vote; Robinson goes for the cat vote!

But I've got to point out one problem: around 1:24, when Robinson says, "Not everyone in South Dakota is as fortunate," the zooming slide seems to show her with Senator Tim Johnson, Democratic Lieutenant Governor candidate Susy Blake, and just maybe, off the left, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Susan Wismer. I'm not sure the text and the image are talking to each other.


Like his chances of beating Mike Rounds, Rick Weiland's music videos keep getting better. The following video will air on KELO tonight at 6 p.m.:

"Big Wheel" is the best entry yet in Rick's musicopolitical œuvre. It squeezes all of the big policy issues into the lyrics, even EB-5. It makes hilarious fun of Nick the GOP tracker. It revisits the fast-flipping montage of towns Rick has visited all over the state, reminding us of his basic door-to-every-dang-door strategy. It works in imagery from Rickstock East, held just three days ago, showing his video crew is both professional and fast. And it shows Rick looking more authentic, caring, and down-home South Dakotan than wheezy fake-smile insurance salesman Mike Rounds ever will. It's a toe-tappin', South Dakota-lovin' thing of beauty

Let me focus on one image from this well-produced, well-themed, downright fun campaign song:

Rick in Iona

This shot, at the lyric opening, comes from Iona, South Dakota, population 1, near the River, north and east of Winner. The imagery is perhaps the perfect checklist of South Dakota iconography:

  • Blue shirt, blue jeans, blue sky.
  • Gravel road, stretching straight to infinity.
  • One man, one car.
  • Utility pole.
  • Trees sheltering a house amidst open prairie.
  • Corn field.

Rick wins Iona with this shot. As he and his crew set up this shot, Iona's lone citizen, a Democrat, came out and asked what was going on. She thought maybe Merle Haggard or Willie Nelson was out making a movie. Rick said no, it was just him, running for Senate.

Oh good! said the lone Ionian. Can I help?

Well, said the candidate, you could contribute nine dollars to my campaign.

Iona invited Rick to drop by the house when he was done so she could do just that. After the video shoot, Rick went over, and Iona handed him ten dollars. He offered to make change, but she told him to keep it and go win the election.

As goes iconic Iona, so goes South Dakota?

* * *

While Rick wins Iona, the GOP spin machine screams, "You own a BMW!!!" Ah, class warfare is always funnier when Republicans wage it.

But really, Pat? You want to whine about cars? Mike Rounds owns an airplane.


Even the Internet doesn't trust Chad Haber:

Untrusted: Haber for Attorney General; screen cap, 2014.09.29

Untrusted: Haber for Attorney General; screen cap, 2014.09.29

The above warning came up this afternoon when I tried to access Haber's fake attorney general campaign website. No truer words could have popped onto my screen.

Meanwhile, Marty Jackley road tests images for his 2018 gubernatorial campaign:

Marty standing in empty courtroom talking to himself—no. Frozen family shot for last ten second of ad—awkward. Angela striding boldly toward the camera in those boots—yes!


Rick Weiland's 15-second ads graduate from cute to powerful with this piercing indictment of Mike Rounds's harmful politics:

Simple, sincere, and memorable. Well done, Rick!

* * *

Related Viewing: Of course, policy critiques and Mike Rounds's dedication to transferring wealth from retirees and kids to his rich friends aren't all Weiland's got. His other new ad talks about how everyone else is talking about the Mike Rounds EB-5 scandal:

I don't think Mike Rounds has had a good week since before Dakotafest. I don't think he's going to have another. Expect the next Rounds ad to focus on Harry Reid and Barack Obama.


Is the cavalry coming for Rick Weiland? A second independent PAC has issued a video calling Mike Rounds to account for corruption in South Dakota's EB-5 program:

Claiming responsibility for this video is Blue America PAC, a collaboration of liberal blogs Down With Tyranny!, Crooks and Liars, and Digby's Hullabaloo. No word yet on whether Blue America PAC will raise the scratch to elevate this YouTube video to broadcast to join Every Voice Action's assault on the Rounds campaign.

But this video shows that with less than six weeks to go until the general election and Rounds sounding nervous about the EB-5 questions he can't answer, Weiland is drawing more support from groups who can help get out the message about his GOP opponent's corruption and unfitness for office.


I'm posting Larry Pressler's latest TV ad, just because he's not a jerk like Mike Rounds who lies about the other candidates and promises to do things he'll never do:

This ad runs right up the middle, complementing his runs social left and fiscal right. I'm still not voting for him, but Pressler is defining how an Independent candidate should run.


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