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Noem Opposes DREAM Act; Pentagon Disagrees

Matt Hildreth of The Independent Local takes Kristi Noem to task for her opposition to the DREAM Act:

You call the DREAM Act "amnesty," you even say it "rewards those who have broken the law."

Representative elect, to say that the DREAM Act is amnesty is to say that your children are fugitives. Maybe we should have detained your kids for the +27 times you broken the law.

According to you, it would be "amnesty" not to [Matt Hildreth, "Were Noem's Children Granted Amnesty?" The Independent Local, 2010.12.10].

The Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act wouldn't exactly let children of illegal immigrants off scot free. The only crime these kids have committed lies in not running away from their parents to avoid coming to or staying in America. The DREAM Act would give these kids a conditional path to citizenship: i.e., they have to work to become citizens, either by going to college or by serving in the military for two years.

Dang, that's not much different from the "advice" the judge gave Bill Janklow back when he was a rowdy teenager raising real trouble.

The Pentagon thinks the DREAM Act is a great idea, since it would get thousands more fresh recruits each year. But Noem and the Republicans see a chance to holler about those others who are threatening our American way of life. Keep fear alive, Kristi....

Bonus Fiscal Conservatism: CBO says the DREAM Act cuts the deficit $1.4 billion and raises federal revenues $2.3 billion over ten years. Wow! Pass 52 more bills like that, and we'll cover the cost of the tax breaks for the rich we're passing this week!


  1. Thad Wasson 2010.12.15

    Do the illegals wish to become citizens? Maybe they like the freedom to be mobile and not tied to the U.S.?

  2. caheidelberger 2010.12.15

    Well, Thad, the Pentagon seems to think that enough of them want to become citizens that the military would see a significant uptick in recruits. I'm open to evidence to the contrary... but even if you showed me that only one in ten children of illegal immigrants were interested in a path to citizenship, wouldn't we still do well to offer that smart and patriotic tenth such a path?

  3. Ken Blanchard 2010.12.16

    Cory: the Dream Act is incremental amnesty. It rewards people who come here illegally by giving their children a "path" to citizenship.

    Comparing that to the misbehavior of citizens is absurd. Children born here have the right to be here, regardless of their behavior. Otherwise we could expel miscreants.

    Being useful to the armed forces doesn't get you a pass if you have robbed a convenience store, so it doesn't get you a pass if you sneaked or were sneaked across the border.

    If we really need to recruit foreigners as soldiers, offer that as a condition for immigration. Otherwise, maybe we should enforce the law, even if that means fewer Democratic voters.

  4. Nick Nemec 2010.12.16

    One of the best Marines I ever had the pleasure of leading was a young corporal from the Dominican Republic. You could count on him to accomplish, with a minimum of supervision, whatever mission you gave him. I wonder where he is now 28 years later.

  5. caheidelberger 2010.12.16

    Hey, we can still deport the parents, Ken. The DREAM Act doesn't block that, as far as I understand.

    Being useful to the Armed Forces got Bill Janklow a pass... and we got a remarkable goernor from the deal.

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