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Democrat’s New Year’s Resolution: Be Good Pepperoni

My Madison blog neighbor Dakota Diner usually keeps her blogging close the kitchen. But a bad bowl game and bad pepperoni rolls occasioned this seasoned political observation:

Alas here on the eastern prairie of South Dakota, authentic pepperoni is harder to find than a real Democrat. Mine was flat, insipid and totally lacking in zip and pizazz. Not that I want my pepperoni overly peppery and spicy hot, but it should be able to boldly distinguish itself from the bread, not unlike a real Democrat boldly speaking out against the South Dakota political status quo. The best quality pepperoni conveys passion, heat, and a gusto for living as it lies both united with, and at the same time, independent of the bread ["Football, Politics, & Pepperoni Rolls," Dakota Diner, 2010.12.28].

I always suspected Dakota Diner was a Spice Girl.

Now you heard the lady, Dems: Passion! Heat! Gusto! That's how you make good pepperoni rolls and a good party.