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Not Breaking: Noem Loves Gov’t Health Insurance

Or: Kristi Supports Government Takeover of Her Health Care

Why am I not surprised? Rep. Kristi Noem demonstrates further hypocrisy and incoherence by accepting government-supported health insurance for herself and her family while trying to take away federal protections of everyone else's access to health insurance. Some other GOP freshmen have recognized the inconsistency of crusading against big government but making taxpayers cover their medical bills. But not our Kristi, who continues to put her hand out for all the government handouts she can get. Disgusting.


  1. Terry 2011.01.12

    I for one am counting on Kristi Noem to vote for every handout she can get. I purchased 4 small farms recently so that I can "ride her coat tails" as they say. I want some of those farm handouts she has been getting.

    On another note, I once heard someone advise a political candidate to tell the people only things they wanted to hear until they got elected. Once elected, to say and do whatever they wanted. Kristi Noem does this better than anyone.

  2. Bob Ellis 2011.01.12

    Please tell me you're not ignorant enough or stupid enough to fail to realize that the health insurance Noem and other representatives receive is a part of their compensation for their work they do. You know, just like most other Americans who receive, as a part of their compensation from their employer, things like salary, health insurance, paid time off, and so on.

    Since you seem to be a fairly well educated individual of at least average intelligence, I can only assume that you were aware that Article 1 Section 6 of the U.S. Constitution authorizes elected representatives to be compensated for their work. Surely you wouldn't begrudge Rep. Noem her salary, too, would you? If not, then you have no legitimate basis upon which to begrudge her the same employer-provided health insurance that most Americans enjoy.

    Since the article even stated that this is not a government run, administered or sponsored health care plan, but a private health insurance plan, ignorance is also not a defense for you here.

    Since I cannot believe you are either ignorant enough or stupid enough to fail to realize any of this, I must therefore conclude that you are simply pretending not to understand so that you can advance a faux claim of hypocrisy to malign someone who disagrees with your socialist bent. Knowing you have no rational or legitimate foundation upon which to advocate socialism in America and must stoop to such infantile tactics must be profoundly sad for you.

    While freedom of speech entitles you to tell whatever lies and make whatever deceptions you wish to make, you should understand that such petty slurs and demonstrably hypocritical swipes only further illustrate the complete bankruptcy of liberal philosophy.

  3. Rod Goeman 2011.01.12

    Oh come on, Cory...Slow news day? Were you fired up when Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin was on the same health plan the past six years? Did you complain about the hundreds of thousands Senator Tim Johnson uses under the taxpayer supported benefit plan or have you called Senator Thune on the carpet for his participation? It is a benefit of the job, and while it would be nice if our representatives were on the same health and retirement plan as most of us, Kristi Noem isn't doing anything different than the other 435 reps. Their health plan is WAY different than the healthcare reform platform that will affect us.

  4. caheidelberger Post author | 2011.01.12

    Noem campaigned and won by saying government-funded health coverage is bad. She is now accepting government-funded health coverage for herself and her children. Her action demonstrates her words were baloney. Neither Tim Johnson nor Stephanie Herseth Sandlin can be accused of the same hypocrisy on this specific issue.

  5. larry kurtz 2011.01.12

    Excellent point, Cory.

    The christian right, fopping us again while employing the teachings of its beloved patriarch, John Calvin, who said, "I consider looseness with words no less of a defect than looseness of the bowels" and "Knowledge of the sciences is so much smoke apart from the heavenly science of Christ," is just more hissing hypocritheocracy attempting to massage the Barnumesqueianism of a Protestant and her new-found dollar bill.

  6. Douglas Wiken 2011.01.12

    I don't know if Cory noted it or not, but I certainly have mentioned that Johnson got care that all of us deserve. Apparently a few people every year in SD have the same problem Johnson had. I doubt any of them get the same treatment or can afford it. While Johnson was waffling around on health care, I thought it was rather unbecoming and hypocritical.

    His experience is still one of the best reasons for single-payer insurance. I hope conservatives in SD are nothing that the same Republicans who opposed any of the provisions which would have presented competing federal systems to drive down health charges are now using the lack of price controls in the reform as reasons to oppose the whole package.

    They are like a little kid who has left a big stinker in the middle of the living room rug pointing at it and saying isn't that just awful.

  7. Charlie Johnson 2011.01.12

    How can Noem be against mandated health insurance when in the farm sector, she pushes for federally subsidized crop insurance for all farmers? If it's good for crop farming, it should be "Okay" for health care for the average citizen.

  8. caheidelberger Post author | 2011.01.13

    Ah, but is she pushing for mandatory crop insurance for all farmers?

    Douglas makes an excellent point: Tim Johnson's experience shows that government health insurance is great, and that all citizens should be able to access such an option. And he's right: Republicans fiercley opposed the public option that would have gone a long way toward the cost controls they are now claiming as one of their points of opposition (although they aren't proposing specific legislation on that front, either, at least not in tandem with their "no no no" repeal push).

  9. snapper 2011.01.17

    She does kind of remind me of that person who is a kleptomaniac and can't turn down anything free from the fed. I bet she thinks poorly of people on wealfare though...

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