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Stricherz Scolds Citizens, Decries “Finger Movements”

Governor Daugaard's budget proposal and various legislative nuttiness have provoked some passionate commentary in print and in person from South Dakota legislators and their bosses (i.e., us). Representative Patricia Stricherz warns us not to let our passions get the best of us:

I must be blunt here....we love hearing from all of you, after all we are your elected officials, however as just a reminder, no matter how passionate you may be over an issue, please remember respect and manners in your comments. Some of the Legislators have been given some nasty comments, finger movements during cracker barrels and out right unruly behavior. This does not help any situation and certainly is not helpful in finding solutions to problems [Rep. Patricia Stricherz (R-8/Winfred), "A Message from Representative Stricherz," Voice for the People, 2011.01.31].

If Rep. Stricherz thinks current discourse is somewhat "unruly," just wait until Governor Daugaard's budget (which Rep. Stricherz remains vague on supporting) forces Madison Central to fire a dozen teachers. Then we'll see all sorts of "finger movements"... or family movements right out of the state.


  1. Mom Weis 2011.02.08

    Maybe Madison should plan to get rid of a few administrators--spread their duties among the teachers. AND KEEP the teachers!

  2. caheidelberger Post author | 2011.02.09

    I'm open to those priorities, Mrs. Weis... but under Daugaard's 10% cuts, we could fire all of our administrators and still have a shortfall.

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