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Kristi Noem Hates Art, Still Losing Tea Base

Congresswoman Kristi Noem can't make anyone happy. The day after her fellow Republican Dennis Daugaard proudly told a crowd of artists in Pierre that he supports extending the half-penny tourism tax (i.e., increasing the tax burden visitor-related businesses could have expected next fiscal year), Rep. Noem voted to cut $20.5 million from national funding for the arts. Says Pat Boyd, director of South Dakotans for the Arts, "The national picture is getting ugly fast. Rep. Noem has cast her first vote on public funding for the arts, and it is on the wrong side."

But Noem doesn't need paintbrush twirlin' hippies like Pat and me on her side. As she leans back in those stirrups and hauls back hard on those fiscal reins, she's got those Tea Bags snug in her cowgirl hip pocket, right?

Wrong. Rep. Noem tinkled in the tea by voting with those darned Democrats to block the deeper cuts some serious conservative Republicans wanted. "There's pee in the punchbowl," says conservative AllahPundit.

Wow: don't tell me Kristi Noem will end up in 2012 as a mirror image of Stephanie Herseth Sandlin in 2010: Too much her own party's girl for folks on the other side of the aisle, not true enough to her base's ideals to fire them up to re-elect her.


  1. Stan Gibilisco 2011.02.19

    "Wow: don’t tell me Kristi Noem will end up in 2012 as a mirror image of Stephanie Herseth Sandlin in 2010: Too much her own party’s girl for folks on the other side of the aisle, not true enough to her base’s ideals to fire them up to re-elect her."

    Okay, I won't! I'll say that I voted for Noem not because I was against SHS, but because I was against Nancy Pelosi and the left-wing Dems' agenda. In my opinion, if SHS had gone to the left, she'd have lost by a greater margin.

    The blue dogs got caught in crossfire through none of their own fault.

  2. Vincent Gormley 2011.02.19

    You know the problem as I see it after living here for just slightly more than 8 years is that South Dakotan's just spit out nonsense. Apparently left is anything that you don't comprehend. Nancy Pelosi is not the left and blue dogs are not true democrats. South Dakota really needs to spend more on education. And the news reporters need to remove the earwax. What passes for news here is a bad joke. Having Noem as a representative is an insult. Herseth Sandlin could have easily held on if she had voted like a democrat. She voted to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2%, stating that was what everyone was telling her at home. Wow, dream on Stephanie. Where has that gotten us? Trickle down? It's more like the most powerful vacuum you'll never see for sale to the general public. Voters here seem to make their decisions based on the most childish notions. I volunteer a lot. I'm an active Minnehaha democrat. A delegate to the convention. They tell me I made more calls than anyone in SD in '08, into 7 states plus canvassing here and in Iowa. If people don't wake up and stop this petty childlike behavior of 'dissing' everyone else's perspective they will find themselves very much alone. South Dakotan's used to be courteous, kind and respectful. Why has that changed? Why are we resorting to the politics of hate and self-interest? It does not bode well for the future. Thank you public sector unions and Democrats in Wisconsin. I hope SD will wake up.

  3. mike 2011.02.19

    Nancy Pelosi isn't the left? Please...

    SHS is pretty moderate but she is also very political. Anyone who knows Kristi Noem personally knows that she is just as political as SHS and will justify and rationalize anything. - Kristi is always right most others are stupid... That is pretty much Kristi's thinking.

    Now it would be nice if the 100 Billion in cuts stood and it would be nice if Noem was on the forefront of pushing for cuts rather than trying to climb the DC political ladder with Boehner and Cantor.

  4. mike 2011.02.19

    What upsets me about Noem is that she says one thing in SD during the primaries and general to get elected and does another thing in DC. She thinks she is always right and everyone else is just not aware of what is going on.

    I voted for Noem and I regret it. I would not vote for her again.

  5. mike 2011.02.19

    I might have voted for Chris Nelson but I got caught up in the hot girl hype.

  6. Charlie Johnson 2011.02.19

    We have yet to see her come out against federal direct ag payments or federal crop insurance. If she is willing to gore other people's oxen, she best be ready to make things hurt in her own litle sphere.

  7. Charlie Johnson 2011.02.19

    PS If it wasn't for the "eye candy" , we would not be talking about Ms. Noem.

  8. mike 2011.02.19

    Totally agree. Noem treats people like fools. She isn't for anything but her own political career.

  9. Vincent Gormley 2011.02.19

    Just keep focusing on nonsense. First time I saw Noem I asked two female friends, one who I've known for close to 42 yrs. and another who I have known for 2 1/2 yrs. What was their impression? Same as mine, which I usually keep to myself. She is an embarrassment. I was taught better. I do not use the word often used for dogs to describe the opposite sex. I leave that to women. But I will say Noem, and Haggar would be stopped for questioning where I grew up, if they were standing on the sidewalk. That said I voted for neither. I left it blank. I predicted the outcome based on conversations going back before the '08 election. Even as we tried to primary SHS and voters stated their undying support I knew she'd lose. Some of her staff tried to persuade me to help. No way. I had voted for her and convinced others to do so only to be disappointed time after time. She had lost me when she voted against renewing the ban on handguns in DC. It was not a South Dakota issue. The NRA can go to......they continue to be wrong on this issue and every other. I wrapped enough bodies working in an inner city hospital for 10 yrs. and volunteering with an all volunteer ambulance where I was a dispatcher/EMT. Working in MICU/SICU/ER/ MED SURG Telemetry/PEDS, I have seen enough blood to last several lifetimes. I had a conversation with a self-described republican conservative and gun collector/hunter here in SF who actually agreed with me on a proposal I have for gun manufacturers. Where they pay into a fund at point of manufacture on every assault weapon and automatic handgun/multiple clip semi-auto and that money covers emergency care/funeral/burial for the victims only. Not the perpetrators. And it couldn't be used to settle any lawsuits. Surprisingly this gentleman and I found common ground. He said "I'd support that". We've yet to meet for coffee. Anyone who runs for office is political. Ask Cory about politics and art. They are inseparable. Even non-participation is in itself a political act. I grew up on politics. Can't avoid it and activism as long as I live. And at 62 I hope there's a lot of living to come.

  10. larry kurtz 2011.02.19

    I'm sorry, Cory. ip should have tried harder to expose Kristi Noem. I take full responsibility for her being elected; it won't happen again.

  11. caheidelberger Post author | 2011.02.19

    Larry, we do what we can within the bounds of truth and verifiability.

  12. snapper 2011.02.20

    The real problem is that ip can't go at noem from the left. it has to appear to come from the center. It has to be about holding her feet to the fire and just because she is elected not shouldn't mean that she can waffle like cantor and boehner's airhead hotty they like to stand behind them at press conferences.

  13. snapper 2011.02.20

    Noem is obviously more about DC and her career than SD and her ideals. Look at how she hooked up with leadership so fast. I personally don't think that is a good idea because it means no to SD and the conservative ideas and yes to GOP leadership.

  14. snapper 2011.02.20

    Excellent Larry! That is a great way to beat up on "NOem Dome".

    I'm going to read that article.

  15. moses 2011.02.20

    Where is snook when it comes to ag subsidies time to gut them all Snooki show us the the real Noem not the party of no.

  16. mike 2011.02.20

    I just don't get the whole I'm a conservative because I'm against everyone "but me" taking money from the fed. $3 Million is a lot of money.

    I'm not in favor of subsidies nor for auto bailouts. Maybe if I was getting $3million to be in one of those I might change my mind but I don't think I'd go around telling everyone else that it is wrong to take Government money. What would that make me?

    Shoot Noem probably has more money than Curd. Someone should ask her how many employees her farm employed during her run as Chief of the farm.

  17. mike 2011.02.20

    heck she probably has a lot more than Curd.

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