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Madison Kids Distinguish Selves in State Capitol

Madison's 80 fourth graders had decent weather for riding out to Pierre to see our beautiful State Capitol Building. Secretary of State Jason Gant showed the kids around his office (photos from Secretary of State's office):

Sec. State Jason Gant shows Madison 4th graders his library in the Capitol, Pierre, SD
Secretary of State Jason Gant shows Madison fourth graders the SoS library in the Capitol. (Pat Powers is in the next room, typing all these books into the new SoS website.) Pierre, SD, March 1, 2011.

Secretary Gant demonstrates the old seal embosser for Madison fourth graders, Pierre, SD, March 1, 2011
Secretary Gant demonstrates the old seal embosser. ("Anybody throws a chili feed during the next election, we're puttin' their thumbs right in here. Schhhkruuncch!")

And then the kids got to sit in on the State Senate and earned themselves a shout-out from Senate President Michels on their orderliness before the gavel:

See? Contrary to the impression you might get from the Madville Times, some Madison folks really do know how to keep quiet.

Senator Frerichs also reports the kids gave the Senators good back-up on the Pledge of Allegiance. Most of the young'uns probably didn't get the subsequent hullaballoo over former U.S. Senator Larry Pressler's presence in the gallery, but hey! That's one more bit of South Dakota history they learned today.

Fortunately, according to comments from the floor from Senator Russell Olson, the fourth grade class trip to Pierre is supported by a $1000 grant from a foundation created by former Senator Sandy Jerstad. Perhaps that means next year's fourth graders can still make the trip, even if Senator Olson cuts their state aid 10%.


  1. larry kurtz 2011.03.01

    Jason Gant don't need no stinking bicycle.

  2. Thad 2011.03.01

    I'm glad they've found something to keep Pat out of trouble. Now they just have to thinking of bills to bring up next year since they had a dismal outcome on most brought by the SoS this year. But wait! They have to save us from the feds coming in a taking over our elections! (insert scare-tactic commercial here)

    And I ought not to have read the comment on the seal embosser whist in the library. Much laughing ensued.

  3. Stan Gibilisco 2011.03.02

    There you go! Private enterprise to the rescue. Kudos to Sandy Jerstad.

  4. snapper 2011.03.02

    I'm more concerned about Aaron Lorenzen taking over for Kea Warne as elections supervisor. Most of the County Auditor's are really upset about him and don't think he knows what he's doing.

    Basically Gant put a 23 year old with 6 months of experience as an audior in Faulk County in charge of the states election because he was a political buddy.

    Kea had a decade of experience in the office before she took that job (I believe). Lorenzen should be watched closely because he is probably the pin that will undo Gant.

    I wouldn't have voted for Gant if I'd have known he'd act so irresponsibly in Pierre. A lot of people in Pierre don't know what he is doing in there. I didn't like Nesselhuff either. Bartling should have ran for SOS.

  5. Tom 2011.03.02

    Seriously 23 and 6 months experience? What could go wrong there?

    By the way does SoS Gant still have his political PAC? Just seems like that might be a little conflict of interest.

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