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Tea Party Lies About Obama Record

In proof of tea party devolution, Alan Keyes is coming to South Dakota. Rapid City Pastor Scott Craig gets so excited that he forgets to tell the truth.

In the introduction to an interview with Dr. Keyes, Pastor Craig says candidate Barack Obama promised to sign the Freedom of Choice Act as his first act as president. "And he did just that, and that Freedom of Choice Act was a sweeping bill designed to abolish all prolife regulations across the nation."

That's a lie. President Obama did not sign any such legislation during his first 100 days in office. It would have been wonderful if President Obama had signed such protection of women's rights to a legal medical procedure, but no such legislation was introduced in the first months of the Demoratically controlled 111th Congress. The Dems were apparently too darned busy fighting the recession and saving jobs (unlike their current Republican House counterparts). Pastor Craig's statement is simply false.

Pastor Craig is a pal of right-wingnut Gordon Howie, so perhaps he's used to making stuff up (like excuses for dodging property taxes). In the department of made-up resume-padding, Pastor Craig bills himself as public policy advisor for KLMP Radio. Right... just like my wife is public policy advisor for the Madville Times. Actually, she has a political science major; she's probably more qualified to advise public policy than Pastor Craig, who has two degrees in theology and a black belt in taekwondo.

Pastor Craig demonstrates his less-than-kung-fu grip on public policy in his "interview"—more a substanceless butt-kissing session to promote Keyes's appearance at Gordon Howie's Festival for Life dog-and-fetus show this weekend. It's too bad public policy advisor Craig was too overwhelmed at the telephonic presence of the great Alan Keyes to check the public policy facts behind his deceptive opening rhetoric.


  1. Eve Fisher 2011.05.10

    Perhaps Pastor Craig will later quote Senator Kyl and state that his "statement was never meant to be factual".

  2. Rich 2011.11.23

    I knew "Pastor" Scott when we went to school many years ago and I can tell you he was extrememly "truth challanged" and still seems to be.

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