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Governor Dayton Vetoes GOP Budget, Culture War Distractions

Thesis... antithesis... synthesis...

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton shows why South Dakota could benefit from a real two-party system. The Democrat used his veto pen to reject a bad budget and a more big-government intrusion in women's medical choices passed by the Republican legislature. On the abortion restrictions, Governor Dayton showed the defense of women's rights we ought to hear from Constitution-loving Teabaggers:

One of those measures would have prohibited abortion after 20 weeks. The other would have banned the state from paying for abortions for low-income women.

Dayton called the 20-week ban "unconscionable." As for the other abortion bill, Dayton said "all women deserve to be healthy and safe. I will not approve a bill that infringes upon a woman's constitutionally protected rights, discriminates against a woman because of her socio-economic status and does not protect her health and safety" [Rachel E. Stassen-Berger, "Dayton Adds Vetoes Real and Symbolic," Minneapolis StarTribune, 2011.05.25].

Governor Dayton also vetoed a ban on same-sex marriage that legislators have referred to a public vote in 2012. That veto doesn't stop the public vote, but Governor Dayton went on record to call the anti-gay amendment "mean-spirited, divisive, un-Minnesotan and un-American." He says that churches are free to define marriage however they wish, but that the Fourteenth Amendment requires the state to extend the same marital rights to all citizens. He says our Founding Fathers, imperfect as they were in recognizing the rights of women, blacks, and Indians, gave us words that demand progress toward including everyone in the blessings of liberty:

The path of social progress, of human compassion and understanding, would be tragically reversed by this amendment. Minnesotans are better than this. I urge Minnesotans to reject this amendment [Governor Mark Dayton, veto letter, 2011.05.25].

I'd love to see a reversal of South Dakota's political fortunes that put Democrats in charge of all branches. But South Dakota's Republican legislature could at least use a Democratic governor to challenge their reckless and regressive cultural views the way Governor Dayton has challenged his legislature's Republican majority.

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  1. LK 2011.05.26

    Love the smell of Hegel allusions in the morning.

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