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Noem and Boehner Plan Minnehaha Country Club Breakfast August 18

Last updated on 2011.08.11

Hey, South Dakota conservatives! Unhappy with Congresswoman Kristi Noem and her boss, Speaker John Boehner, over the really rotten and arguably unconstitutional debt deal they rushed through Congress this week? Here's your chance to give both Noem and Boehner a piece of your mind!

Kristi Noem and John Boehner | Breakfast Reception Invitation | Minnehaha Country Club | Thursday, August 18, 2011
$250? Those better be good pancakes.

On Thursday, August 18, Reps. Noem and Boehner will be fetid—oops, sorry: fêted—at a breakfast reception in Sioux Falls. According to the invitation, just show up at the Minnehaha Country Club that morning at 8 a.m., hand the shiny happy people at the door $500, and you can come in, get your picture taken, and chat with your leaders about priorities that matter to real Americans. (Note that Kristi's people, ever so considerate of real Americans' difficulties with math, multiply 500 and 2 for you and point out that couples get in for $1000.)

Kristi Noem and John Boehner on pancakes
No pancakes are worth $250... even with meatballs.

Of course, if $500 is out of your price range, you can come just for breakfast and polite applause at 8:30 a.m. That will only cost you $250... or $500 per couple.

Or you can just stake out the country club entrance on Kiwanis with your five-dollar picket sign and hope for some airtime on KELO.

So of all the events our Congresswoman could have announced for her summer recess, her big chance to reconnect with us regular folks, the very first in-person event she announces is breakfast with the rich power elites of Sioux Falls. It's not cocktails at Laguna Beach, but her eagerness for this country club breakfast speaks volumes about Kristi's new priorities.

Update 2011.08.11 13:02 CDT: That Sioux Falls paper notices the Boehner-Noem country-club breakfast. Politico notes that Boehner will swing through Minnesota the day before for fellow GOP loonball Michele Bachmann.


  1. mike 2011.08.05

    Noem looks like a country club elite to me.
    "Rep. Kristi Noem (R-S.D.), a newcomer and tea party favorite, has joined the swing of things, “kicking off her first South Dakota pheasant hunt” on Oct. 28 for a three-day trip, including one dinner at her home there. (Only 15 spots available, so sign up soon.) It’s $5,000 per PAC, $2,500 for an individual."

    I'm glad she still has time for the folks in SD and is holding town halls and meetings with constituents.

    She obviously is getting the word out to her donors when she is available. But not the rest of us regular folks who can't fork over a couple thousand dollars for her time.

  2. mike 2011.08.05

    I thought it was "the People's House?"

    Not "the People's House if you have a lot of money to buy access..."

  3. Maria 2011.08.05

    Gettin' your message there Kristi: Money speaks. If you ain't got any, you don't matter. If I had $500, I could pay my rent AND eat this month.

  4. RGoeman 2011.08.05

    How much did President Obama generate for his campaign from his birthday party and who paid for the party? Same thing, different location. Just politics, right?

  5. Stan Gibilisco 2011.08.06

    Now see, if it was me, say running for Tim Johnson's spot when it comes up, it'd be a hot dog roast, a huge bash in the Open Cut in Lead, bring your own dogs, bring your own Mountain Dew, no charge, come one come all, don't give me your money, give me your vote.

  6. Bill Fleming 2011.08.06

    Boy Stan, sounds like you really know how to throw a party.

  7. caheidelberger Post author | 2011.08.06

    Same menu as my open house today! Food for votes be danged, Stan, you get my vote!

    And Rod, if we take your position, then I will happily take my complaint off the table... as long as Republicans promise to take all similar complaints about President Obama, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, and every other Democrat off the table. But whichever way we lean on that question, Noem still faces the added embarrassment of this being the first major recess event she's announced. Where else is she appearing? When are her public fora?

  8. john 2011.08.06

    I wondered what she got for falling in line so quickly on the debt bill!

    Are there any free events? I get angry when less vp or speaker come to SD and there are no public events. Wrong no matter what party.

  9. RGoeman 2011.08.06

    I don't think it's right for any party to cater simply to the wealthy or elite because their view becomes skewed and tainted with a narrow focus rather than seeing and feeling the actual mood and direction of their constituents. John is right too. No matter which party, they need to host some free public events if they truly want to learn and lead.

  10. Linda McIntyre 2011.08.06

    They should host a meet and greet in one of the parks in SF. A couple of short speeches, then mingle, shake hands, LISTEN to the people. The majority of the voters in both parties are middle class, not able to fork over a huge amount to meet the politicians, but their vote is equal in power to that of those of more means (money).

    The sad thing in the politics of today is that it takes millions to run a campaign and all politicans/candidates are forced to do this in order to fill their coffers. It's past time for campaign reform, shorter campaign seasons, and get the money out of the process. Probably will never happen though.

  11. Guy 2011.08.06

    It's not going to happen in this life Linda. The corrupt system runs on money and, thus, becomes more corrupted. One must not put their faith in a corrupt system.

  12. TCMack 2011.08.06

    I would have to say you might be right Tyler, but there is no time or location included on the press release. All the public knows is that it is in Pierre on the 19th of August. Pierre is a sizable town and there are 24 hours in a day. Let's say I want to be a member of the public and attend this meeting. Where do I go, how early should I arrive, and will the public actually get to have input? Will this be a photo op for Kristi looking like she cares about the Missouri River issue, with public testimony from M. Rounds? We saw how well her public comment session went in Hill City. Any way does anyone know who will be supplying the pancakes?

  13. Tyler Crissman 2011.08.06

    You're right TCMack, there are 24 hours in a day, and Pierre is a sizable town... but what is more feasible, wait until the time draws closer so that schedules can be more certain and then release the details (as the press release says will happen), or, just issue a blanket statement and say Representatives Noem and Mica will be at X location at Y time, and risk one or both of them having to cancel?

  14. Jana 2011.08.06

    Oh Tyler, when will those times be set and unless you have an RSS feed to Kristi's site how would you have even known?

    Just for fun, if you were the loyal opposition, what would you say about this release from Representative Noem's office?

    That's what I thought. Given most of her comments on the issues are cut and pasted from the party, why do we need her there. Couldn't we save money and just elect a rubber stamp? They all get elected by the citizens of SD, but when they get there they all just follow and parrot the party. We should just cut out the middle man.

    Now there's an idea that someone with photoshop skills and a little cash could fun with for the next for the rubber stamp...think of the money we'd save in South Dakota if we ceded our votes to whatever was popular at the moment. No salary, no travel expense, no staff, no Cadillac health care plan, no golden parachute pension. Heck we could use it every year and just vote on the party we want the rubber stamp to work for.

    Last I checked, you can get a good rubber stamp and ink for around $5.00.

  15. Jana 2011.08.06

    Tyler you said, "Seriously Cory? You’re usually pretty good at finding the inane…"

    Just an after thought here...Tyler did you really mean to say that Representative Noem's release was in your words "inane?"

    Although, given that this was a "major" event, I'm surprised that it wasn't covered on a conservative blog...let alone the "lame stream media."

    Heck, Tyler, if it's "major" and she has franking privileges...couldn't she have at least sent a save the date mailer? I mean it is "major"...right?

    But, she's probably only thinking of saving money, so who did the invites go to for the major meeting at an unknown location at an unknown time? You know as well as I do that she has sent some out...

  16. Curtis Loesch 2011.08.06

    noem sucks, but how do we defeat her?

    [CAH: That is the two-million-dollar question, Curtis... quite literally, since that's the amount a friend tells me may be necessary to mount a credible campaign against Noem's fundraising machine and Fox News coverage. We will need a dynamic, articulate candidate who will go balls to the wall on Noem and keep her constantly on the defensive about her really bad voting record, not to mention her lack of public events.]

  17. Tyler Crissman 2011.08.07

    Jana, anybody in Pierre or around the state can find out when that time will be by reading it in the Pierre Capital Journal... or on the PCJ's website... or on Representative Noem's website... or on Representative Noem's Facebook page... or if you check her Twitter page when to see when those dates and times are announced. If you're interested in going to the meeting, chances are you will keep an eye out for further information as this press release says to do.

    In regards to your rubber stamp proposal, your cynicism is amusing... I really don't think a rubber stamp would do much good, do you? You or I might think that a Representative of the opposite party is a rubber stamp, but Representative Herseth-Sandlin did and Representative Noem has done work for South Dakota that will benefit us in the long run, even if we disagree with their political principles... think of the things that we would miss out on if we didn't have someone speaking for us in Congress.

    As far as the "inaneness" of this press release, it is an inane press release, simply because it lacks any real significance except to announce that Rep. Noem will be bringing Rep. Mica to Pierre... it offers no specifics except to say they will be in Pierre on August 19th. In fact, this is quite like the "Save the Date" mailing that you snarkily suggest Representative Noem should have sent out; just as with any wedding, the "Save the Date" mailing goes out first followed by the invitation with all the details. In this situation, we have been told to "Save the Date" (August 19th in Pierre)... now we're waiting to see the details at a later date.

    Btw Jana, this was covered on a conservative blog (read it here on Dakota War College and it was also covered in the main stream media (read it here on the PCJ website

  18. Jana 2011.08.07

    Well I guess I'm wrong in thinking that Representative Noem didn't get the word out. After all the SDWC and the Pierre Capital Journal reach close to everyone in SD....guess I was wrong to think that the word got out to all of the citizens of SD.

    As far as following a politician on twitter or facebook...not so much. Might be the real hip way to do it...but how many citizens choose to get their news that way? My beef is with all of them, and not just with Kristi. But hey, if they think that they've got their bases covered by being on twitter and taking up space on What did they do before Facebook and Twitter...did that just go away? I would not have the constant blather on my own page that is designed to be "Social" as opposed to using me as a political tool to share your message for free...sheesh, you think they'd figure that out! I would not give any politician, no matter how much I liked them, the permission to use my own personal and social network...unless they wanted to pay for it...

    Good for you in making a point of calling it out on SDWC. You guys going to cover the meeting?

  19. caheidelberger Post author | 2011.08.07

    Tyler, you got me on timing. The Mica event was announced August 3. I received the $500 pancake-and-pix invite August 5. But note the complaints offered above. She can't anil down time and place for the flooding discussion, but she can tell her donors exactly when and where she and Speaker Boehner will be on hand to take their money. Noem's last big public meeting on an important environmental issue, the pine beetle hearing, was open to public listening but not public comment. The public got to hear what Noem wanted them to hear from invited speakers, including two campaign donors. Her comparable roundtable discussion on the pine beetle last winter also appears to have been controlled to keep environmental groups from showing up to spoil the fun... either that, or Kristi's staff just couldn't get the word out as to when the show would go on.

    Tyler, look at Kristi's Events page. No updates since May. You and I and Jana and everyone else are having to work awfully hard to figure just when and where we might get a chance to see our Congresswoman. Her rich donors do not. There is nothing inane about that complaint.

    That said, welcome back from summer break, Tyler! I look forward to hearing your renewed and passionate defense of your GOP standard-bearer.

  20. mike 2011.08.07

    Maybe Cory posting this image of Noem having Boehner come to SD for a private fundraiser will force Noem's hand and she will need to also hold an event for the masses who can't afford to buy her time?

    Here's hoping! Thought I doubt any of us will get our picture taken with Boehner unless we giver her $500...

  21. mike 2011.08.07

    Sadly in Noem's world the Speaker of the House is reserved for wealthy people who will give her lots of money and not that kid who volunteered his/her butt off last election to get her elected.

    I can already see the ads in 2012.

    Noem's voice: "The US House is the people's House."

    Voice Over: At least if you have $500 to give Representative Noem at the Minnehaha Country Club... Then you can see the speaker.

  22. Tyler Crissman 2011.08.07

    Cory, you and others wonder why Representative Noem can't nail down the details of when and where she and Representative Mica will be having a public meeting, but she can tell exactly where and when she will be hosting the Speaker of the House for a fundraiser. You don't think the Speaker of the House (the third highest ranking person in the American system of government) has his/her schedule planned out to the minute weeks and months in advance? No offense to Rep.'s Noem or Mica, but the Speaker's time is a little more important than Noem's or Mica's time is, and thus requires a little more advanced planning, much like the President/Vice President/Governor's schedule does.

    As far as the lack of updates on her Events page, I hardly think it's some nefarious deed... I think the webmaster merely hasn't update the site for awhile, which in itself isn't good. However, again, you chastise Noem for not announcing her schedule very well... but aren't we discussing her schedule right now? Her events are discussed across the internet, in blogs, in newspapers... chances are, if you want to see her, you will hear about an event she will be at, and you can go. Chances are if you are interested in seeing the Congresswoman, you will notice the announcement for the flood meeting with Rep. Mica, or you will know about this fundraiser with the Speaker of the House, or, you knew about the Pine Beetle meeting in the Black Hills. Should she do a better job of posting her schedule on Absolutely, but chances are, you're going to see an event notice somewhere too.

  23. caheidelberger Post author | 2011.08.07

    Good job taking the elitist line, Tyler. Speaker Boehner's time is oh so much more important than that of other representatives of the people, or of the people themselves, who might want to have a bit more public notice so they can arrange their schedules to make time to express their concerns in person to their elected representatives.

    And we are discussing Noem's schedule, which so far consists of two events, one open only to paying customers only, the other that doesn't even have a time or place nailed down. The rest remains unknown. (And again, elitism: potential donors get an exact time; folks affected by flooding who want help have to await further instruction.)

    The webmaster is part of Noem's very poorly managed ship. Noem needs to get on the stick. If I were the people's employee, and I were heading for August recess, I'd already have a whole slew of public events in the chute, on the list, time and date, so that everyone including my hosts could plan ahead for a good turnout and a positive event. Instead, Noem takes care of her rich donors and her campaign coffers first.

  24. Charlie Johnson 2011.08.07

    It all adds up---she (Rep. Noem)is a poor excuse for a congress person.

  25. mike 2011.08.07


    I respect your opinion but Noem isn't advertising what time in advance because just like Herseth-Sandlin she doesn't want to answer questions she doesn't want to answer.

    We all know Herseth was never heard from again after she was laughed at during Dakota fest.

    Noem hasn't posted anything since she voted to END MEDICARE.

    Noem is not interested in holding townhalls to discuss that issue either.

    She will hold townhalls on education, flooding, pine beetles but on the most controversial issue of her tenure she has been AWOL when it comes to publicly visiting with constituent of different opinions.

    I think we all know Josh Shields is the one keeping her out of the public eye on this issue.

    Shields is focussing Noem on 2014 Senate and he and she know that if they don't win big in 2012 she will probably face Mike Rounds and SHS again.

    Either way they are keeping Noem out of hte spotlight on controversial issues for her career.

    If she is going to END MEDICARE i would appreciate her holding a few townhalls to at least explain what Paul Ryan's plan is... I'm sure Paul Ryan would appreciate it also.

  26. edbachmann 2011.08.07

    I am curious as to why anyone would send out an invitation for an expensive event to an individual if they had not already proven they were willing to donate that type of money in the first place?
    Is it not obvious that this is a fund-raising event? Has anyone ever been to a free fund-raising event? Personally, I would prefer an invite in the mail to an event rather than someone randomly coming up to my door or calling my house begging for money.
    I am quite confident Congresswoman Noem is in her first year, and well, I did not actually vote for her in the primary, that doesn't mean I am going to judge her after her first session. Similarly, a teacher should not judge a student who gets into trouble on the first day of school and then repeatedly sends that student to the principal's office every day following.
    Unfortunately, you can't please everyone, and complaining doesn't do anything. Will a protest really make a difference and get Noem to host a free and open to the public event for all South Dakotans and get the news out to everyone? I doubt it. Why not try emailing her every day, or calling the office every day asking for this in a nice way. That makes more sense than being negative towards someone representing your state, doesn't it?

  27. mike 2011.08.08

    I'm all for being polite and asking Noem's office stuff.

    It is just frustrating that Noem won't schedule public events for constituents unless they fork over the money and are koolaid drinkers and her strongest supporters...

    I agree with Noem on a lot of issues but I don't care for her hypocrisy as a politician.

  28. caheidelberger Post author | 2011.08.08

    Ed, we don't have time for a learning curve. South Dakota has just one representative. We need quality representation from that one person right out of the gate. If you can't do the job right in your first year, you shouldn't be hired to do the job.

    Protest has as much chance of making a difference as an e-mail or a letter. Arguably, public protest can make more of a difference, since it may inspire many other people to speak up.

    And please, spare me the "ask in a nice way instead of being negative" malarkey. Citizens shouldn't have to ask their Congresswoman, nicely or negatively, for public meetings. Well before summer recess starts, a competent Congressional staff would already have lined up and announced a series of public events to find out what people are thinking and to build political capital among the voters.

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