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Scheveck Election Board Complaint False, Outside Scope of HAVA Act

Last updated on 2013.01.13

Comes now desperate clinger Thomas Scheveck to waste our State Election Board's time with his petition claiming President Barack Hussein Obama is not an American citizen and thus should not be allowed on the South Dakota ballot. (Scheveck recites the usual claims... and blog neighbor Tim Gebhart duly link-rebuts:

Now, granted, I don't keep up on the news, particularly Fox News or what passes for "facts" on WorldNetDaily. But it only takes a trip to the Snopes website to see that the claims of Obama not being a natural born citizen, using a dead man's Social Security number and having a forged birth certificate claims have been debunked. But then, I'm probably unaware that Snopes is owned and operated by the same Jewish banker Masonic cabal commanding the black helicopters of the New World Order [Tim Gebhart, "Elections + Obama + Zealots = Ballot Challenge," A Progressive on the Prairie, 2012.05.09].

Politifact also pretty thoroughly documents and disposes of every paranoid chain e-mail Scheveck will cite in his arguments... which FactCheck declared bogus before Barack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination in 2008.

No evidence has been offered that Scheveck himself is an American citizen. Fortunately for Scheveck, Section 402 of the Help Americans Vote Act of 2002 under which Scheveck files his complaint allows any person to file such a complaint, not just citizens.

Unfortunately for Scheveck, HAVA Section 402 allows complaints addressing violations of HAVA Title III, which addresses states voting systems, the "total combination of mechanical, electromechanical, or electronic equipment (including the software, firmware, and documentation required to program, control, and support the equipment)". Scheveck is raising a Constitutional question about qualification to be placed on the ballot, not a legal question about the adherence of South Dakota's ballot and voting technology to HAVA. Scheveck thus does not have a legal HAVA complaint, and the State Election Board can throw this illegal complaint out at its hearing tomorrow without saying a word about the lies contained therein.