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Tiffany Campbell Working on Nationwide Abortion Documentary

Tiffany Campbell wants to get Americans talking about abortion. Not fighting, but talking. She wants your help.

Campbell played a key role in the campaign to stop the last major abortion ban to face a statewide vote in South Dakota. Back in 2008, she sacrificed her medical privacy and spoke out about her 2006 pregnancy. Her doctors told her that the twins she was carrying shared one heart and could not both survive. To ensure one child could live, Campbell chose to abort the other. Her son Brady is alive and well. Children like Brady would not be if South Dakota enacted an abortion ban like that Campbell helped defeat in 2008.

Campbell is deeply concerned about the encroachment on women's rights that we thought Roe v. Wade established in 1973. She is also concerned about the polarization of the issue that keeps fellow citizens from finding common understanding and practical solutions. To perhaps restore some sens eof common purpose in the national discussion of abortion, Campbell is now working with director Juan Reinoso to put together a documentary on abortion battles nationwide:

...this film will branch out into the national debate, discussing legislation for and against abortion and how the greatest court in the land made a decision for women that is somehow continually undermined on local levels. By delving into the reasoning and belief of crusaders on BOTH sides of the issue, this film will ultimately attempt to bridge the gap between hatred and understanding so that both sides may learn how to TALK about the issue instead of ATTACK it [publicity material, abortion documentary proposal, downloaded 2012.05.15].

Campbell is raising money for the development phase of this project. With her proposed fundraising goal of $10,000, Campbell will be able to line up a line producer and research assistant and get the ball rolling.

If you think this project has merit, Campbell welcomes your contributions. Click on the documentary website to find out how you can help.