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Just How Republican Is Insurance, Mike Rounds?

M. Michael Rounds has released his first batch of T.V. campai—er, insurance advertisements for the 2014 Senate race. Here's one featuring The Dunes golf course owner Cullan Deis:

Fischer, Rounds & Associates: Socializing risk for rich people who build in flood plains. Hey, you're entitled.


  1. Bill Fleming 2012.06.09

    Way back when Tom Franklin (Republican) was our business partner, Fischer Rounds was one of our ad agency clients. This doesn't strike me as being especially political, but I suppose, now that Mike has been governor, the association is unavoidable. I wonder if he's Kristi's agent? And what she has to pay for car insurance with all those points on her driving record. ;^)

  2. Nick Nemec 2012.06.09

    Does SD have a points system on drivers licenses? I thought it was dropped way back when leadfoot Bill Janklow was governor and in danger of losing his license for a long string of violations.

  3. Charlie Hoffman 2012.06.09

    Nick I believe that points are still "Awarded" to those who receive tickets for exhibition driving, running a red, DUI, etc. but not on any speeding charges.

  4. John 2012.06.09

    We'd be a lot more impressed if the former governor actually "learned" the lesson from the flood - no development in the flood plain. None. Ever. Unfortunately he, like too many east of the Black Hills appear to have a learning curve on floods and development similar to that of the topography - flat.

    Vermillion learned by moving the entire town out of the flood plain onto the bluff. Pierre, Fort Pierre, and Dakota Dunes exhibit no inclination to learn as evidenced by rebuilding after countless recorded and unrecorded floods - instead they clamor for the socialization of their predictable costs. Welfare queens all. Rapid City learned and learned they must continually fight the soulless developers and banksters wanting to rebuild in the flood plain.

    This the 40th commemoration of the 1972 flood. Rapid City and the Journal are going all out to honor the memory of the 238 who died. It should be mandatory reading and viewing for all SD school children to preclude adult-onset ignorance and perhaps forestall stupidity.

  5. Rorschach 2012.06.09

    Charlie's right. No points for speeding.

  6. caheidelberger Post author | 2012.06.09

    Great timely point, R, about many flatlanders' failure to learn the lesson of Rapid City.

    [On speeding points: eager readers will recall that our friend Rep. Rev. HIckey tried to restore speeding to the driver's license points system. His bill to that effect, HB 1170, was defeated by Hickey's House colleagues early, 30-39. Among those voting no were 2013-non-returnees Reps. Abdallah, Brunner, Fargen, Hubbel, Rausch, Turbiville, Vanneman, Venner... hey, Rep. Rev Hickey! Do you have a working majority yet for reintroduction?]

  7. Bree S. 2012.06.09

    What I can't grasp is why anyone would want to build a casino in Fort Pierre. It's simply a poor investment, in a town with limited tourism, and in a poor economic climate. And as casinos around the country are failing, struggling with increased supply, and decreased demand.

    Who benefits from building a casino? The casino itself, doomed to bankruptcy? Or perhaps the construction companies and contractors who build it, and the architects and engineering firms who design it? Not to mention the recently built hotels.

  8. mike 2012.06.09


    I heard you were in charge of a dinner Rounds spoke at recently. What was he like? Was he at all like a candidate or a retired politician?

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