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Herseth Sandlin Makes Fundraising Pitch for Varilek; Barth on Board

Stephanie Herseth Sandlin chose not to join Senator Tim Johnson, Tom Daschle, and George McGovern in endorsing Matt Varilek in the Democratic primary over Jeff Barth. But with Varilek now nominated to nullify Noem, Herseth Sandlin is ready to shout, "Go Team Varilek!" From my inbox:

...I know from experience how important it is for a campaign to build on the momentum a primary election victory provides. Matt has been traveling all over South Dakota, visiting towns large and small, and he needs to continue building the ground game necessary to connect with even more voters across the state.

We know South Dakota needs Matt in the U.S. House of Representatives....

Go to one of Matt's events and you'll see why South Dakotans are getting fired up about this race. They're responding to Matt's positive message and his focus on South Dakota's families and businesses, our agricultural economy and the needs of veterans and senior citizens. Now he needs you to help him deliver that message to voters in all corners of the state.

We need people like Matt in Congress. People who are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. People who are willing to work across party lines to find solutions that protect our nation, our communities and our families. Matt needs your support. Every single dollar counts and you can trust that Matt and his campaign will use every single dollar wisely and effectively in order to win this election [Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, fundraising e-mail on behalf of Matt Varilek, 2012.06.26].

Varilek's vanquished primary opponent is also on board, as stated in an open letter he submitted for the Dems convention two weekends ago:

"Seeing these candidates gives me a sense of hope that our state and our country will be guided in the right direction, a direction of justice and prosperity for the many, and not just for the few....

I conclude by again offering congratulations to Matt, and pledging my support. Matt showed in his campaign that he has the ideas and the organization... not only to compete with his Republican opponent, but to beat her! [Jeff Barth, letter, June 15, 2012]

Good to know we're all on the same page.


  1. Dougal 2012.06.26

    This might just work!

  2. Bill Fleming 2012.06.26

    Got Steph's note today and sent Matt some bucks. Go Varilek.

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