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Photos: Good Music, Good Food, Good Friday Night Use of Spearfish Main Street

When I arrived in Spearfish last year, one of the first big events I attended was a Downtown Friday Nights event on Main Street. I explained then what Madison and other small towns can learn about downtown economic and cultural development from this popular Spearfish event. Review that post, LAIC members.

With that point made, here are some pix from tonight's family stroll down Spearfish's lively Main Street:

Spearfish Downtown Friday Night, August 17, 2012
Hey, what are all those people doing in the middle of Main Street?
Spearfish Downtown Friday Night, August 17, 2012
Oh, that's just a few hundred people outside, drinking beer, and enjoying another Downtown Friday Night event in Spearfish.
32 Below plays Downtown Friday Night, Spearfish, South Dakota, August 17, 2012
32 Below came down from Fargo to play Main Street. Lots of people came to listen, but the kids own the dance floor.
Inflatables at Spearfish Downtown Friday Night, August 17, 2012
Kids not dancing were bouncing around down the block...
Children dance on Main Street
But who needs inflatables when you can breakdance on the center stripe? What a feeling!
Farmers market items at Downtown Friday Night, Spearfish, South Dakota, August 17, 2012
Local farmers market folks sell their green wares at the Downtown Friday Nights event. Mmmm, pickles....
Cycle Farm sells veggies straight from Spearfish Valley at Downtown Friday Nights
Patricia and Jeremy grow vegetables at Cycle Farm in Spearfish Valley. They haul those veggies on their awesome cargo bikes. In addition to farmers market sales, they contract sales on the Community Supported Agriculture model.
Joycie's Street Meats brings the Whitewood Wiener [sic] bus to Downtown Friday Night, Spearfish, South Dakota, August 17, 2012
If all that green stuff drives you nuts, turn around and hand Joycie's Street Meats your cash. They'll give you some good wieners from the Whitewood Weiner Bus, heavy on the kraut. (But remember: wiener is the tube steak; weiner is a German surname that may mean guy who makes wheels.)
32 Below fiddler at Downtown Friday Night, Spearfish, South Dakota, August 17, 2012
32 Below finishes the "Devil Went Down to Georgia" solo and agrees: music on Main Street rocks! Thank you, Spearfish!


  1. The Spearfish Downtown Business Association has done such a great job with the Downtown Friday Nights, learning a ton from the Summer Nights team in Rapid. It's a great example of communities working together! It's also been wonderful to see the farmer's market booths on Friday Nights and the support of the community. Josh Krueger with the Hill Horizons Community Garden in Spearfish should be commended as well. Great things are happening in Spearfish, that is for sure!

  2. Darwin 2012.08.18

    Drinking beer? Just can't do anything without booze! If there is booze consumption going on, then I don't consider it a family event.

  3. G-Man 2012.08.18

    Great pics Cory! That was always a great event to go to when I lived in Spearfish back in the day. Here in Eugene we have the Saturday Market every weekend with music and great food and local vendors. I recently bought my Grandma some locally made soap made from fresh Lavendar, grown here in Oregon. I also got to sample my first Afghani cuisine at the Market.

  4. caheidelberger Post author | 2012.08.19

    Afghani cuisine? Fun!

    Beer: indeed, Darwin, and wine, too. The teetoaller in me has issues. I wish very much people could send the signal that they can have a good time without drinking alcohol. For what it's worth, I've attended this event three times, and I've haven't seen any problems with public drunkenness. I don't see much police presence there. West River liberal libertarianism at work?

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