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TransCanada Tries Another Minimal Keystone XL Reroute; Natives Oppose

TransCanada has proposed yet another modification to its Keystone XL route through Nebraska. Remember that TransCanada told us last year that re-routing Keystone XL was "impossible."

As experts on the white man's forked tongue, Native Americans are offering some of the most vocal resistance to TransCanada's plan to further sully the Great Plains with its tar sands pipeline. They face a corporation whose chief liaison to the tribes says "There is no legal obligation to work with the tribes" and says TransCanada is simply extending a courtesy by talking with Native groups.

Tribes in Oklahoma have concerns about the pipeline disturbing Native burial sites. TransCanada neatly skirted reservation land in South Dakota, but South Dakota's Lakota people are organizing teach-ins and other action to stop the pipeline.

Maybe the rest of South Dakota needs a little video kick in the pants to join its Lakota neighbors in opposing TransCanada's endless effort to have its way with our land. Let's try this video skit, which portrays TransCanada as the sleazeball who just won't take no for an answer.

Be the smart girlfriend. Don't fall for TransCanada's promises.


  1. Nick Nemec 2012.09.19

    "I'm never letting you near my aquifer."


  2. bret clanton 2012.09.19

    Cory, I have been laughing all morning because that was such an accurate portrayal of the landmen that are in the countryside securing easements on this project.

  3. caheidelberger Post author | 2012.09.19

    Bret, when I hear an observation based on experience like yours, the video grows on me even more. Be sure to share it with your friends up and down the line!

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