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Dem Tornberg Endorses GOP Bolin for District 16 House

Last updated on 2013.03.26

In this year's state legislative election, I take the position that, if a Democrat doesn't show up to contend for a seat, you should vote for any Republican who voted against House Bill 1234, Governor Daugaard's ideological and counterproductive education reform bill.

On Tuesday night, Democratic candidate for District 16 House Stanley Jacobson didn't show up for a candidate's forum in North Sioux City. Democratic candidate for District 16 House Ann Tornberg did show up. She did say House Bill 1234, now Referred Law 16, is a bad idea. So did GOP Rep. Jim Bolin, who voted against HB 1234 last February.

And even though Tornberg and Bolin disagree on how to fund education, Ann Tornberg told her neighbors to vote for Jim Bolin:

[Tornberg] says the legislation, which narrowly passed this year, needs to be completely repealed.

She also wants funding restored to education and supports a one-cent sales tax to do so, which Bolin does not.

"The most egregious, I think as a teacher, is the fact that every teacher from now on, their evaluation would have to based half on student test scores, and the other half on their evaluator," said the Beresford Democrat.

"The reason I voted against is that I don't think it's needed in South Dakota. It's unnecessary. We have above average test scores, below average drop out rates, we have a lot of public support for our schools," explained Bolin, a Republican from Canton.

They may represent different political parties, but the pair agree on something else, that Bolin should be reelected.

District 16 voters will chose two candidates for the state house. Tornberg endorsed Bolin Tuesday night. Bolin said he was shocked.

Don't be so shocked, Jim. Ann's a former teacher, just like you. She knows that you and she both can work together and bring real expertise on education to Pierre. Roll with it... and consider returning the favor and endorsing Ann!


  1. Rorschach 2012.10.05

    We decry single-issue voters when the issue is abortion. I always hope that voters look beyond a single vote a legislator casts and see if that person really best matches what the voter is looking for & the direction the voter would like to see state government go. While Jim Bolin seems to be moderate in his votes, he is also highly partisan - taking an active role stacking the deck for Republicans on the redistricting committee. Bolin will not endorse Ann Tornberg over a fellow party member as Ann Tornberg has done.

    And in a 4-way race encouraging your supporters to give their second vote to a Republican rather than to the Democrat who put his name on the ballot to capture those second votes for you is not just punishing Stanley Jacobson for helping Tornberg, but she's also stabbing herself in the back. Tornberg can and probably would have a good working relationship with Bolin once she's elected, but she has to get elected first.

  2. Fred Deutsch 2012.10.05

    Hey, I'm against 1234 too. Where's the love?

  3. caheidelberger Post author | 2012.10.05

    So where is Jacobson?

    Fred, is that an official statement that, despite your participation on one of the HB 1234 task forces, you'll vote No on Referred Law 16 and encourage others to do the same?

  4. Fred Deutsch 2012.10.05

    Participation on the task force is not an endorsement for or against HB 1234, but rather simply a commitment to help improve education in SD. As you know, the bill did a number of things -- and frankly, some aspects of the bill I liked; others, however, I thought were counter-productive for our state. Taken as a whole, the negatives of the bill out-weight the benefits, IMO. I believe we can do better and I plan to vote no on RL 16. If elected, I’ll work to pass a better, more meaningful and common-sense education improvement bill.

  5. Fred Deutsch 2012.10.05

    And as an aside, I received one of those good-news, bad news calls today from the SDEA about my interview with them seeking endorsement. Seems they interviewed all four candidates running for House in my district. The bad new was that I was not selected. The good news was the interviews were so good they couldn't decide who to endorse and opted not to endorse anyone. Maybe an easy way out of a tough choice for SDEA, but as I was told "consider it a feather in your cap as a Republican." I am hopeful I can work both within the caucus and across the aisle to develop well-supported and meaningful education legislation.

  6. grudznick 2012.10.05

    Mr. Deutsch, I hope if you are elected and doesn't pass this year you'll help get a new version that gives bonuses to good teachers. That is something I can stomach my money going for, not padding school reserves and giant hospital's profit centers. If the schools sign on the line they will give raises then maybe, but no Penny for T. Denny.

  7. MJL 2012.10.05

    Isn't this the second debate Patty Miller has missed?

  8. mike 2012.10.05

    Bolin is in a very different position than Tornberg. For instance Patty Miller and Jim Bolin serve together and probably get along well. Why would he ruin that relationship with her to endorse someone not serving just because she endorsed him?

    This could easily be a good move for Tornberg is she wanted to come off as non partisan.

  9. mike 2012.10.05

    Bolin should challenge Lederman in '14.

  10. grudznick 2013.03.29

    Bolin is just insane enough to try and usurp Mr. Jarrod for the meaninglest job in every county outside of the one in this state as far away from Mr. Bolin's home town as one can get. This is gravy train feed for Bolin supporting the powers in control.

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