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Racist Circle H Motel Owners Make Another Marketing Error: Facebook Page Down!

The Circle H Motel in Lake Andes got lots of free publicity yesterday after I posted about its racist anti-Obama sign. Lots of people clicked from the Madville Times out to the Circle H Motel's Facebook page to offer their opinions of Circle H owners Larry and Mary Snyder's derogation of President Obama and their embarrassment of the entire state of South Dakota.

Now, this morning, I find the Circle H Motel Facebook page inaccessible. Darn: I guess if you want to get hold of the Circle H Motel and make or express your reservations, you'll have to call or fax them.

But I have to wonder: with the lucrative pheasant season just two weeks away, why would intelligent South Dakota moteliers let a cheap and effective social media marketing tool go dark? Why would "very warm and friendly folks who will do our best to make your stay as convenient and comfortable as possible" make it less convenient for their bread-and-butter customers to find and contact them?

Larry and Mary Snyder appear to understand now that making racist comments isn't good for business in the social media age. Unfortunately, they seem to think that the proper response is to shut off their social media. Larry, Mary, the proper response is to shut off your racism.


  1. LK 2012.10.06

    They probably just shifted to some deep web equivalent. I'm sure there's a site devoted exclusively to white supremacist pheasant hunters who use bad spelling for an excuse.

  2. South DaCola 2012.10.06

    I guess we know where the KKK will be staying this hunting season. Hope they have enough room for the White Supremists.

  3. Jerry 2012.10.06

    I think that what they say or try to say is disgusting. As owners of a place that would not even make the grade in Watts, or Compton in California, they have shown to the world they have no class and are just slum lords. Hunters, be armed with ice picks as you will need them to kill the little varmits you encounter. Fishermen, well you already know what and what not to use for bait, so how about trying something else?

  4. Les 2012.10.07

    Something specifically wrong with Watts, Jerry?

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