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Gerrymandering Gives GOP Structural Advantage in U.S. House

We avoided the awkward spectacle of a President losing the popular vote but winning the Electoral College. However, a similar misalignment of popular will and electoral results exists in the House of Representatives. Conservatives who want to claim that the sizable GOP majority in the House constitutes a mandate for obstructionism should take note: Democrats won more votes for the House than did Republicans this year. Any way you slice it, more Americans wanted Democrats representing them in Congress.

So why do we have two more years of Speaker John Boehner? Gerrymandering. Thanks to GOP control of state legislatures, redistricting has spotted Republicans 29 seats in the House.

Oh well, Dems. It's always our job to work harder.


  1. Donald Pay 2012.11.19

    Paul Ryan would have lost his old district. Republicans gerrymandered it so he could win re-election.

  2. Owen Reitzel 2012.11.19

    damn you Cory for throwing the facts at us. lol

  3. Dougal 2012.11.19

    It's smart. The GOP knows the strongest point to capture to control politics is at the state capitals. They do a far better job of manufacturing and nurturing their farm teams ... and that makes their reach easier to control politics after each census. Here in South Dakota, the GOP have mastered the trick and it is choking the life out of the SD Dems' ability to even win a Congressional seat.

    Long term, the smart strategy for Democrats here and in each state is to stop the bleeding in the local races and sieze the statehouses at the 2020 census to control politics for the next generation. If you don't, the GOP will dominate politics for the rest of the 21st Century. Don't bet on the GOP to stay on its back because of 2012.

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