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Barney Fife Update: School Gunslinger Bill Goes to Senate State Affairs

Last updated on 2013.02.01

I am spending far too much time talking about guns. So is our Legislature. Dang you, Pierre!

Supporting my contention that House Bill 1087, the school gunslinger bill, is more about phallic ego stroking than education, Senate Majority Leader Russell Olson (R-8/Wentworth) has steered HB 1087 away from its logical hearing spot, the Senate Education committee, to his own Senate State Affairs Committee.* Senate State Affairs has nine members instead of seven. Senate State Affairs includes HB 1087 prime sponsor Craig Tieszen (R-34/Rapid City) and co-sponsors Lederman and Rhoden; Senate Ed has two co-sponsors, Jensen and Maher. Senate State Affairs has five heavy hitters in the GOP leadership to ensure no monkey business (read: common sense or education experts) interferes with swift passage of this bill to the full Senate.

Like too many of his colleagues, Senator Russell Olson is blowing the local-control smokescreen for this dangerous bill. But e-mail him anyway. E-mail the whole Senate State Affairs Committee. Call them. The hearing date isn't set yet, but these nine Senators need to know that we don't want to increase the risk of gun injury and death in our schools by bringing more guns and gunslinger into our schools.

Name Chair/Vice
Brown, Corey
Frerichs, Jason
Johnston, J. Mark
Lederman, Dan
Lucas, Larry
Olson, Russell Vice Chair
Rave, Timothy
Rhoden, Larry Chair
Tieszen, Craig

*Update 2013.02.01 06:02 MST: An eager reader notes that the assignment of bills to committee usually falls to the either the President of the Senate (Lt. Gov. Matt Michels) or the President pro-tem (Sen. Corey Brown, who is also on Senate State Affairs). Whether it's Russ, Corey, or Matt, someone's greasing the skids.


  1. Dana P. 2013.01.31

    Chief Johnson, from Baltimore MD County, testifies yesterday about gun safety. (segment from "The Last Word") At mark 2:40 in this video, he specifically testifies about "arming teachers". Spot on comments, and he brings up very valid points as to weapon retention and responsibilities of carrying a gun. A trained law enforcement official in a high capacity in his department, with, I'm assuming, a lot of years/experience in the field. Politicians should listen to these words carefully. He has alot of experience and has seen what guns can do, especially in the hands of folks that might not be highly trained.

  2. Dana P. 2013.01.31

    thanks for setting this up, Cory. Makes it very easy to contact these senators. they need to hear from us on this.

  3. Sam Peil 2013.01.31

    I contacted the committee last night and noticed how much support this bill has already in its sponsors/cosponsors on the committee. I've heard from Senator Lucas that he is a "no" vote.

  4. Frank James 2013.01.31

    I contacted my Senator this morning asking for a no vote. I'm a gun owner and hunter. What bugs me is the state wants to take away my right of deciding who will carry a gun around my child. I'm very careful about who goes hunting with us. I've seen a lot of stupid stuff done by hunters overstimulated by a buck deer. I can't imagine what would happen if an ill-trained gun-toting school employee was actually presented with the situation this bill was meant to address.
    The bottom line, in my opinion, is those who would volunteer to carry the guns in school are the last people I want armed around my child.

  5. Charlie Johnson 2013.01.31

    Amen, Frank!! What makes HB1087 an even worse piece of legislation is that any consideration of the program is kept secret in executive session nor will the public be informed if it's on the agenda.

  6. Douglas Wiken 2013.01.31

    The gun idea is another unfunded mandate from a legislature which regularly rails against unfunded federal mandates.

  7. Steve Sibson 2013.01.31

    "more about phallic ego stroking than education"

    You must be talking about Planned Parenthood's comprehensive sex education.

  8. Douglas Wiken 2013.01.31

    Is that pen in your pocket, Steve or are you just happy to see no females have posted yet here?

    Mae West just rolled over in her grave.

  9. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.02.01

    No, Steve, unlike the practice of Pat Powers, I'm talking about what my headline says I'm talking about.

    Frank! Excellent point about your responsibility as a hunting parent. We all have a right to protect our children from other people's guns. Our kids face more threat from the guns our Legislature would allow into our school than from the guns our Legislature imagines crazy shooters will bring. I hope your senator listened and will vote appropriately.

  10. Steve Sibson 2013.02.01

    "I'm talking about what my headline says I'm talking about."

    So is law enforcement just "gunslingers" to you?

  11. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.02.01

    Law enforcement is much more than walking around with a gun. It is teaching, counseling, and prevention. HB 1097 makes it harder to prevent gun accidents hurting our children.

  12. Steve Sibson 2013.02.01

    "It is teaching, counseling, and prevention."

    Teachers can't teach, counsel, or prevent?

  13. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.02.01

    We do that every day. We do it as a community. We do it without guns.

  14. Jana 2013.02.01

    Careful everyone or you will end up on the NRA enemy list! It's a long list but worth looking at to see what good company you are in...

    Of course the NRA does have Ted "Cat Scratch Fever" Nugent (and don't forget he's draft dodger for those of you keeping score at home)

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