The South Dakota Legislature has already done almost all it legally can to make getting an abortion harder here than anywhere else in the country. To make any further splash on the anti-abortion crusade radar, our legislators now must resort to blatant and petty meanness.

Current South Dakota law punishes a woman for seeking an abortion by forcing her to wait 72 hours between the time she asks a doctor to perform an abortion and the time the doctor can legally perform said abortion. During that time, the state further punishes the woman by forcing her to an anti-abortion crusader's clinic to hear rank lies and propaganda.

Since South Dakota has just one abortion provider, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota's abortion restrictions effectively require women seeking abortions to miss at least a couple days of work. Women who work regular jobs can minimize their costs by scheduling their abortion appointments around a weekend or a holiday. They still face the cost of lodging in Sioux Falls for three nights, but at least they save on the cost of one long drive back and forth across the state. If the woman already has children, a weekend or holiday appointment may make childcare cheaper, since she may have more relatives or friends who have time off to care for her kids while she's away on her unpleasant trip.

Rep. Jon Hansen (R-25/Dell Rapids) says nuts to that. He and several other outright mean Republicans offer House Bill 1237, which says that no weekend or holiday may count in that 72-hour waiting period. By God, lady, until we overturn Roe v. Wade, if you're going to get an abortion, we're going to make you miss work. We're going to make you pay!

The South Dakota Legislature picks and chooses which parts of the Constitution to respect. They will consider a host of bills and resolutions to make the Second Amendment inviolate. But they treat the bodily autonomy guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment and the equal citizenship guaranteed by the Fourteenth as a simple mistake to be rectified by whatever legislative tricks and lies they can come up with.