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Hutterites Plan New Dairy CAFO for Miner County

The Shannon Hutterite Colony of Miner County wants to build a big new dairy in Miner County. The colony's confined animal feeding operation would sit seven miles east and south of Howard, or a couple crow-flying miles southwest of Virgil's Corner at the Winfred junction of US 81 and SD 34 in the perhaps soon to be ironically named Clearwater Township. The dairy CAFO would house up to 1300 dairy animal units, which in CAFO waste math should equal 910 mature dairy cattle.

The Miner County Planning Commission will hear the Shannon Hutterites' variance request on Tuesday, April 30, 10:30 p.m., at the Miner County Courthouse in Howard. We'll see if newly patronized Secretary of Agriculture Lucas Lentsch will spend his second day on the job making his first appearance on behalf of the state to continue lobbying for big dairies at this hearing.


  1. Jerry 2013.04.14

    I guess the Hutterites figure what the hell, Keyston XL will already destroy the underground water, why not pollute it before it gets there. By the way, who is eating all of this cheese and butter? Is it the taxpayer? Naw, that would bind us up. I think this is what is meant by a cash cow.

  2. geoscirockhunter 2013.04.14

    A mutual friend of my girlfriend in Deadwood make regular pilgrimages to Bel to get her Hutterite chickens and fresh eggs. If the Hutterite's are just setting up a big CAFO then what would be the point of buying any of their products if the whole point of buying their products was to get something more natural and wholesome. Sounds like the Hutterite may become synonymous with Tyson. Think I'll just save my money and go to Luders.

  3. Luke 2013.04.14

    Let the Hutterians build we need to feed the world the population is growing

  4. larry kurtz 2013.04.15

    white paternalistic inbred communitarian religious corporations that abhor democracy: what could go wrong?

  5. Roger Elgersma 2013.04.15

    If the Hutterites are trying to produce jobs for their own kids, they are ahead of most in this country. It seems the trends are to send jobs overseas or create jobs for illegals. Maybe the new guy from Pierre could learn from this. Grow jobs for Americans rather than for everyone else.

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