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Conservation Speech Winners Recognize Useful Role of Government

The South Dakota Department of Agriculture last month named the winners of the Resource Conservation Speech Contest that it co-sponsors with U.S. Fish and Wildlife and the state's conservation districts:

  1. Shanae Doerr of Aberdeen won first with a speech celebrating government spending. She praises President Obama's $51.5-million effort to combat carp and Governor Daugaard's $8-million fight against the pine beetle.
  2. Emily Meier of Aberdeen won second by emphasizing the role of government, specifically our state conservation districts and weed and pest boards, in protecting productive agricultural land.
  3. Logan Hattervig of Carthage won third by touting the social, environmental, and economic benefits of planting trees.

So at least two out of three kids understand that government plays an important role in sustaining a healthy planet and a healthy capitalist economy. Well done, South Dakota education system!


  1. Nick Nemec 2013.05.02

    Even the third place winner's speech is advocating government spending. All those groves of trees you see planted on farmsteads across the state were planted by federally funded county conservation districts on a cost share basis with the farmers who own the land. Often at 50% cost share or better.

  2. larry kurtz 2013.05.03

    Anyone, Dithmer? RT @pierremercer SDGFP Commission still running on one-eighth empty with seat yet to be filled by governor. Seeks WRDLO (West River Democratic landowner).

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