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South Dakota Senators Vote Aye Every Time for Patriot Act Surveillance

Hey, Annette! You want to be a change agent? Prove it....

Senator John Thune predictably responds to a constituent's inquiry about gun regulations by raising false constitutional concerns about a national gun registry that was not part of the bill he voted against in April.

Yet Senator Thune has had no constitutional compunction about supporting the laws that have authorized the unbridled surveillance of Americans conducted by the National Security Agency and revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden. As these maps from Slate show, over the last 12 years, South Dakota's U.S. Senators (Thune, Tim Johnson, and Tom Daschle) have consistently voted for those anti-privacy laws, back to and including what got us rolling down this hill, the terror-driven Patriot Act and Section 215.

The question now for our Senate candidates: M. Michael Rounds, Rick Weiland, and (if God tells her to) Annette Bosworth, do you support repeal of the Patriot Act? Short of that, do you support suspension of all Patriot Act surveillance pending constitutional review?


  1. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.06.11

    By the way, could one guy with a gun have done a better job of shaking the country into a conversation about government overreach than Edward Snowden has without firing a shot?

  2. Joan 2013.06.11

    I wonder who he knows that he got a job like his, with hardly education.

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