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Pass the Custards… or How Not to Explore a Senate Bid

Exploratory GOP Senate candidate Annette Bosworth gives up the Custer vote:

Perhaps Bosworth is competing with Kristi Noem to be the next Sarah Palin.


  1. Matt Groce 2013.06.18

    Will she find out what the people of Custer call themselves? Will she like, you know, like find out why they call the Black Hills black? 'Cause they are like totally green right?

  2. El Rayo X 2013.06.18

    Dr. Bosworth has taken the first step in limiting campaign contributions, she opened her mouth.

  3. Rorschach 2013.06.18

    What will she speculate that the Eagle Butte folks are called?

  4. Jerry 2013.06.18

    Are the folks from Murdo, Murderers?? Bos, just went down trying to be cute.

  5. DB 2013.06.18

    You guys would be better off promoting her so your Dems have a chance at actually winning an election.

  6. Rick 2013.06.18

    What's better. The Boz? The Boss? Or, as Jerry wrote, just Bos? I'm partial to The Boz. Or Dr. Boz.

    As to her question, it depends on how you spell it. There are some real hazards here: Cuss-turds is not so good. Custerds, not great either. Custards might make me hungry if I hadn't visualized the other spellings of the second syllable.

    Now, that reminds me of Turd Ferguson for you SNL fans: . Now, that's pretty, pretty funny!

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