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Bosworth Visits Pierre, Advocates Term Limits, End of Farm Subsidies

Potential Senate candidate Annette Bosworth visited Oahe Days in Pierre this weekend. No word on whether she actually got up and talked to interested voters, unlike her wasted visit to Brookings Thursday. But she at least snagged the local press.

Bosworth got reporter David Rookhuyzen to fill some space with more mostly empty babble about how we should vote for her because of her Generation X inexperience and her not being the "status quo." (Debate note to Bosworth: if you are going to argue that you deserve election because you will change the status quo, you need to establish clearly what is wrong with the status quo.) But she does does make a few policy points:

  1. Bosworth believes in term limits... which means that as she professes a desire for limited government, she wants government to limit our choices in elections instead of trusting people to make their own democratic decisions.
  2. Along those lines, Bosworth promises to serve only two terms (which, along with free elections, obviates the need for legal term limits).
  3. She says the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a "bail-out for health care." Funny—I thought conservatives were arguing that the PPACA will cut into the health care industry's booming profits. Dr. Bosworth must be projecting her own practice's financial woes and dependence on Medicaid onto the entire health care sector.
  4. She also says farmers tell her farm subsidies are no longer necessary. Finally, some conservative sensibility! Forget running against M. Michael Rounds, Annette! Run against subsidy queen Kristi Noem!

Bosworth still says she hasn't decided for sure that she's running. But given the mostly disorganized, out-of-touch, metaphor-based nature of her campaign thus far, I'm betting we'll get a big patriotic announcement from Team Bosworth right around the Fourth of July... right when most people have shut off the news and gone to the lake.