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Annette Bosworth to Declare Senate Intentions July 16 at Plankinton Farm

FEC, IRS, start your engines.

Dr. Annette Bosworth confirms various whispers: the political novice plans to announce her intention to run for the U.S. Senate on Tuesday, July 16, at noon, at her family farm near Plankinton. The "announcement" comes at the top of her interview with Gordon Howie, shot during the long July 4th weekend during her second trip of her Senate exploratory adventure to the Black Hills.

Gordon Howie: Conservatives across South Dakota have been looking for an alternative to the not-so-conservative former governor Mike Rounds in the U.S. Senate race. So the question of the day, Dr. Annette Bosworth, is this: are you that conservative alternative? Are you getting into this race?

Annette Bosworth: Gordon, thanks for having me here. I am that conservative. I am very interested in showing that South Dakota has more of a conservative voice than what we have in the running right now.

And I know there's rules about announcing things, but if you're looking for a time of some news, Tuesday the 16th, Aurora County, my home farm in Plankinton at noon—

GH: —might be a good place—

AB: I think you might want to be there.

GH: Well... that is maybe the best non-announcement announcement we've had on our program.... That sounds like a pretty definite... uh... event... [interview, Liberty Today, posted 2013.07.11].

Team Bosworth may be a bit short-staffed at the moment on communications personnel, so they haven't gotten around to sending out directions to the event to the local press, so let me fill the gap. says Bosworth's parents Rich and Rose live at 25250 385th Street. Google Maps pins that location here, just mile west of Plankinton, maybe a half mile north from Old Highway 16.

If you visit the Bosworth farm, remember that, like our current Congresswoman's bucolic bounty, that farm is brought to you in part by the generous donations of you, the taxpayer. According to the Environmental Working Group, Richard Bosworth was the 25th-largest recipient of total crop subsidies and the sixth-largest recipient of sorghum subsidies in Aurora County over the last 17 years. From 1995 to 2012, Annette's dad received just about $481,000 in farm subsidies.

So, candidate Bosworth, what do your conservative principles tell you about the farm bill and farm subsidies?


  1. Kal Lis 2013.07.11

    Are you going to start a new poll asking which Republican Senate candidate will be the first to drop out?

    My money is on Bosworth

  2. mike 2013.07.11

    Gordon Howie continues to be the go to place for major announcements in the conservative wing of the GOP. What would we do without his media empire?

  3. sage 2013.07.11

    One of my customers has Dr Bosworth as his doctor, "I was so surprised, She is a Democrat and she but someone told me she is running as a Republican!" He is a young and still believes that people tell the truth....

  4. mike 2013.07.12

    Did she change her registration or something?

  5. Taunia 2013.07.12

    Bosworths from Plankinton were not Democrats.

    That's probably a red herring from the Rounds camp.

  6. Archer 2013.07.12

    Rounds probably hacked her facebook to plant the pic of her in the Che t-shirt too.

  7. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.07.12

    If Bosworth stopped and thought about what she actually believes, she'd probably find she's a Democrat. But according to Secretary Gant's Voter Information Portal, she's a registered Republican in District 13... although if she's still living in the RV in Tower Campground, she's now in District 9.

    Archer, anything's possible, but they also would have had to get her into the t-shirt and smile and pose for the picture.

  8. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.07.12

    Annette's husband Chad is also a registered Republican, same Carmel Estates address.

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