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Bosworth Cozies up to Palin

Last updated on 2013.07.27

Fine, Annette. Go for that packaging:

Sarah Palin and Annette Bosworth, Baltic, South Dakota, 2013.07.25. Photo posted to Facebook by Annette Bosworth.
Maybe-candidate for Senate Sarah Palin and candidate for Senate Annette Bosworth, Baltic, South Dakota, 2013.07.25. Photo posted to Facebook by Annette Bosworth.

This one picture sums up the Bosworth campaign: Say anything for attention and money. (And still does nothing but ask for money.)

Update 2013.07.27 07:20 CDT: This picture is worth a thousand words at The Immoral Minority. Thanks for the mention, Gryphen!


  1. Jerry 2013.07.25

    Yuk, what a couple of freeloaders. Member when Palin said that she and Toad used to go to Canada for their healthcare cause it was free? Yup, that is what the half time governor of Alaska said.

  2. interested party 2013.07.25

    two halves of a bubble off plumb=full tilt.

  3. Owen Reitzel 2013.07.25

    wonder what the over-under is on IQ combined?

  4. interested party 2013.07.25

    Owen: my queen refers to Palin as clearly not the fastest ride at Disneyland.

  5. Bill Dithmer 2013.07.25

    Sarah Palin, the most coservative person in the US. She is so conservative that she only served her state half a term because, ================ oh ya because Fox was calling her name. Wasn't there something else? I forget.

    The Blindman

  6. Deejay Beejr 2013.07.26

    This photo makes me ill. Do you suppose they were discussing their matching wardrobes? Because certainly neither one has any ability to govern. Palin proved that when she walked away from her job in Alaska. Bosworth proves that every time she is asked a question about policy and can only answer with non-sensical extremist talking points that she neither believes in or understands.

  7. SDBlue 2013.07.26

    Sarah Palin? In Baltic?? My, my. You've come a long way Governor! No disrespect meant to those in Baltic but...I cannot stop laughing!!!

  8. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.07.26

    Bill, you may have something. Bosworth may be running a pure Plain candidacy, less worried about winning and more worried about building her personal brand to parlay it into some kind of money-making scheme afterward. But Bosworth should note there's a big difference between the cachet of a VP run and a primary Senate run. Look at our last primary: Sam Kephart and Charlie Gonyo didn't become famous speakers or commentators following their 2008 primary runs. Heck, Joel Dykstra didn't even climb anywhere I can recognize after winning the primary and losing to Johnson in the general.

    But that's what this picture is about, not winning a Senate seat but building a brand.

  9. Ken A 2013.07.26

    Gawd, and to think I once live in Baltic. By the looks of this photo, the town's gone to the dogs and them some. Palin refuses to acknowledge that her 15 minutes were up after she lost the Presidential election, and Bosworth, like Palin, is a complete waste of oxygen. She has the same chance of winning this election as my dog would. We don't need any more ultra right Reich wing whackos in S. Dakota. Pierre has enough Republican rats up there already.

  10. Annette 2013.07.26

    Oh good grief. I could not understand one thing Bosworth said on policy. She has more goofy word salad going on than even Palin does. But I suppose someone had to be at the bottom of the class even if they are a physician.

  11. Douglas Wiken 2013.07.26

    Too bad they won't emulate Wiener. Much more interesting eye candy.

    Carlotta Danger and Marittta Danger. What a pair of pairs.

    Sorry about that, but it has seemed to me for a couple years that Noem's good looks have been a telling feature of her campaigns and election. Her pleas of respect me for my brains and not my body have not been particularly loud or even existent..

  12. Winston 2013.07.26

    And you want to know why the rest of the world hates us.....

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