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Daugaard Appoints Hunhoff, Heinemann to South Dakota 125th Anniversary Commission

South Dakota turns 125 next year! Whoo-hoo! To organize quasquicentennial activities (activity #1: drilling South Dakotans on spelling and etymology of quasquicentennial), Governor Dennis Daugaard has appointed a nine-member 125th Anniversary of Statehood Commission.

Members include Rep. Bernie Hunhoff (D-18/Yankton), whose long experience writing and publishing stories about South Dakota make him an excellent resource for planning historical celebrations, and Rep. Leslie Heinemann (R-8/Flandreau), who pulls teeth. Expect several quasquicentennial commemorations of brave dentists in South Dakota history.

Governor Daugaard assures us that no tax dollars will be harmed in the making of this quasquicentennial. He also invites us to submit our ideas for 125th-anniversary observation ideas through the new South Dakota quasquicentennial website. Hey, how about a South Dakota blogathon? First blogger to write 125 posts about South Dakota in 2014 gets a t-shirt?


  1. Fred Deutsch 2013.08.01

    Come on, put on your man legs and lets celebrate with a 125 mile bikeathon. Any weenie can put out 125 blog posts.

  2. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.08.02

    Oh yeah? You wanna have a man-off? I can handle that. How about a 125-mile blog-bikeathon? Big ride, sun-up to sundown, plus cogent blog posts relevant to each town visited?

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