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Six South Dakota Legislators Sign ALEC Anti-Openness Screed

I suggested last week that South Dakotans should ask their local legislators if they planned to attend the American Legislative Exchange Council's 40th annual pro-corporate brainwashing in Chicago.

This August 8 open letter from ALEC, which the corporate lobbyist group composed during its convention to cry that asking organizations whether they belong to ALEC and where they stand on important legislation constitutes intimidation, indicates that South Dakota legislators did attend the ALEC convention. Here are the South Dakota signatures (written by hand, not submitted electronically) in the order they appear on the letter:

  • Rep. Manny Steele (R-12/Sioux Falls)
  • Rep. Leslie Heinemann (R-8/Flandreau)
  • Rep. Hal Wick (R-12/Sioux Falls)
  • Rep. Hal G. Wick (R-12/Sioux Falls)
  • Rep. Jim Stalzer (R-11/Sioux Falls)
  • Sen. Dan Lederman (R-16/Dakota Dunes)
  • Sen. Ryan Maher (R-28/Isabel)

Yes, Rep. Wick was one of 35 duplicate signatures on the document. We'd better watch Wick to make sure he doesn't file twice for reimbursement for his ALEC trip.


  1. Joan 2013.08.15

    Or make sure Wick doesn't vote twice. I wouldn't put anything past Steele and Wick

  2. Testor15 2013.08.16

    Joan, don't you know the extra vote and reimbursement is for Jesus?

  3. Testor15 2013.08.16

    Sorry to burst your faux news elderly bubble but that's bunk,

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