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Nelson Says Jews Can’t Be Republicans; Jewish Former SDGOP Exec Unhappy

Last updated on 2013.09.24

Important Update 11:28 CDT! Nelson said no such thing. Rosenthal was hearing things!

Update 2013.09.24 12:05 CDT: Read my read of the smokescreen of fabric and fabrication Rosenthal and company are trying to blow for Mike Rounds.

*******Original Post*******

Joel Rosenthal's opinion means something. And the ex-exec of the South Dakota Republican Party doesn't have a very high opinion of Rep. Stace Nelson. Among other things, Rosenthal blasts Nelson for an error on which Republicans don't get called enough: exclusivity:

Stace Nelson whom I have never met and only know through his reputation at the highlight of his speech unequivocally said,

“I am a Christian, Conservative, and a Republican. You can’t be the third unless you are the first two” [Joel Rosenthal, "Political Speeches," South Dakota Straight Talk, 2013.09.22]

Rosenthal, who is Jewish, takes proper umbrage:

Such xenophobic logic has no place in our political debate. Taken on its face, since Christ was a Jew, would he not meet the Nelson Republican Litmus Test? – And be denied to be a Republican? [Rosenthal, 2013.09.22]

—not that Jesus would have been signing up with any political party, but you can see where Joel is heading—

Further I do believe there are elements of Judeo Christian thought that are shared by Republican philosophy. I.e., the Republican Party was founded in part on wanting to eliminate Slavery. Clearly the GOP and true Christians share values. Christians (if I understand correctly) like Jews believe in clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, comforting the afflicted. Many Democrats share these values as well. The difference lie between the parties and yes factions within our political parties as to whether churches, charities, or the government should be responsible [Rosenthal, 2013.09.22].

Is Nelson's Christian requirement for Republicanism just a rookie mistake? You don't get rookie mistakes while running for U.S. Senate. But I don't think this is a rookie mistake. Nelson's statement belies the litmus test that I fear many South Dakota Republicans apply. They assume Christianity is a norm. They assume everyone in their room is Christian, and they assume that everyone who is not Christian is an enemy who should be excluded from the party if not from the United States of Blessed America. They assume that they can mingle their politics, patriotism, and piety without offending anyone on their side.

Nelson will never get Rosenthal back on his side. Rosenthal won't forget Nelson's declaration that Joel Rosenthal can't be a Republican. Rosenthal going to tell every Republican he knows not to support Nelson. And Rosenthal knows a lot of Republicans.


  1. interested party 2013.09.23

    Being anti-Israel is not antisemitism. Being a Zionist is just like being a white supremacist.

    Went to a museum of the A-bomb in Santa Fe yesterday: Robert Oppenheimer exchanged creating the bomb for American complicity in erasing Palestine.

  2. Nick Nemec 2013.09.23

    OK ip you have confused me.

    Neither Nelson or Rosenthal said anything about Israel. I doubt Nelson is anti-Israel because being pro-Israel is a cornerstone of the right wing in this country, it's part of their hope for Armageddon and the hastening the coming of the so called Rapture. Nelson has voiced the thoughts of the vast majority of Republicans that America was founded as and is a Christian nation. Rosenthal was simply calling out the fallacy of that logic and maybe, because of his unimpeachable Republican credentials, the message will sink in. It sure as hell doesn't when the messenger is a member of the Democratic Party.

  3. Bill Dithmer 2013.09.23

    Good post Nick

    The Blindman

  4. interested party 2013.09.23

    "And on Indian Reservations here in South Dakota, H. R. Block (Bloch), a Jewish owned tax service, is engaged in racist "predatory lending" and making hundreds of thousands of dollars off of unsuspecting Indians by offering "quick high interest loans" in the name of "getting your refund sooner". Block was sued for doing the same among poor Blacks but has a "green light" from the government to exploit American Indians. The highest prices for food and groceries are found in two Jewish owned stores on the Pine Ridge and Rosebud reservations…20-30 % higher as compared to off reservation stores. Single Indian mothers needing pampers and wipes for their babies have to pay $2 to $4 more per package."

  5. interested party 2013.09.23

    Jack Abramoff is linked to the bilking of tribal casinos.

    Sen. Adelstein's ancestors owned a store in Kadoka, adjacent to the Pine Ridge Reservation: he is vested in many mining interests from gold to gravel on disputed treaty lands.

    Senator Dan Lederman is a bail bondsman allied with catholics in a state where The New Jim Crow has been applied to American Indians and disproportionate mass incarceration rates.

  6. Donald Pay 2013.09.23

    Nelson is just stating the obvious. The modern Nazi Party (aka Republicans) just wants white conservative Christians. That's been the direction that party has been tracking for quite some time, and Nelson is just putting a finality to the party's evolution toward Nazism. I'm not sure why anyone would join the Nazi Party, or try to excuse where it has ended up. They hate everyone, even Christians with the "wrong" beliefs. They will put up a facade of barely there tolerance until they lead you to the ovens. Wake the hell up!!

    Rosenthal is just giving excuses. I understand he has a philosophical affiliation with some aspects of what Republicans used to claim they were. That's long gone, and he should recognize that. Slavery? When you don't pay people enough to survive, and they have to depend on the goodness of the wealthy masters, you have slavery. Republicans are all for slavery. Pay people minimum wage or below (which they would prefer) and you've got slavery.

  7. Rorschach 2013.09.23

    Interested party, your anti-Catholic, anti-Jewish comments are sickening.

  8. interested party 2013.09.23

    consider self-immolating in protest, R.

  9. Troy 2013.09.23

    Working backwards:

    DP: That is crap. You can do better.

    IP: I don't know your point but it doesn't look very good. You can do better.

    CAH: Joel's remarks about what Nelson said are a lot more polite than I would have said. I'm just going to leave it at that.

  10. Roger Cornelius 2013.09.23

    As a life long Democrat, I was never aware of membership criteria, I donated to the party, campaigned for candidates and voted for Democrats. I have never had to prove I was a Democrat by adhering to a candidate's ideology.

    As the Tea Party continues to conquer the Republican Party, these racial and christian criteria and ideologies will further isolate white Republicans.

    Can a major political party survive on their endless quest to be exclusive?

  11. Douglas Wiken 2013.09.23

    The GOP clowns religious affiliations seem to be making a case for only atheists and agnostics in politics. Of course, Islamacists around the world have been making that case for a thousand years or so.

  12. Stace Nelson 2013.09.23

    You may wish to review the actual recording of my speech, and my long standing comment when asked what my party is: "I am a Christian Conservative Republican, in that order, and I will be the last as long as it supports the first two." Additionally, as the recording attached herein attests, I speak pretty loud and clear so I question how or why Mr. Rosenthal would misquote me.

    While folks may not be aware, my wife is a Filipina, my daughters are Japanese and American, and my nephew is black. To call me xenophobic is an educated way of calling me a racist. It is an ignorant, insulting, and asinine statement to say the least.

    In that Mr Rosentahl or Mr Jones have never met me, never asked my side of the poisonous ignorant political attacks they repeat, the readers should question their motivation and zeal to cite such juvenile rumors of a decorated Marine veteran, decorated NCIS agent, and a proven honest public servant of 26 years.

    It is my character and unmovable stance on Conservative Republican principles are what have earned me the ire of the political machine in SD.

    As my record in the House proves, I am unafraid to publically take a stand on any issue.

    Lastly, how do the candidates stand on the issues, Mr. Rosenthal? Mr. Jones? Because that is what is supposed to be important, not pushing an agenda, not pushing a political machine's candidate, or diluting the votes for that candidate. I have the best record of any of the candidates on Republican issues. I am the only candidate who has publically disclosed how I will represent South Dakotans on the major issues they are concerned with.

    You are correct Mr. Rosenthal, I don't play well with politicians. But then again, we need a little less of politicians selling out this country and a lot more of public servants like me who have shown I will put my life on the line to serve this country and not a political machine, or special interests in DC.

    Mr. Jones, you and Mr. Rosenthal owe me and my family an apology.

    Wishing you and yours well. God bless & Semper Fidelis.
    Rep Stace Nelson, US Senate candidate (Who clearly is making the establishment machine nervous)

  13. Troy 2013.09.23


    Considering the words you have used to describe me "without having met me, I chuckle at your demand of an apology.

    Joel Rosenthal has corrected his commentary. I will not apologize for taking Joel's initial reaction at face value. I've known him for 35 years, had many a disagreement but find him impeccably honest. He is one I call a dear friend.

    And, I get his reaction from his perspective. The GOP is not an exclusively Christian party or ideology. And, when one delves to link the two, it can have unintended consequences and misinterpretations. For which you should at least be sensitive to.

    Rightly in my mind, we do have to atone for the sins of our fathers. Christians actions toward Jews has not always been very Christian. While we can't fully rectify the wrongs, we should be sensitive to the consequences, which today is mostly "your kind is not welcome." (which I'm not saying was your intention. Just asking you to acknowledge how it can be heard that way)

    That said, in context, I get what you meant. You will disagree with the GOP when it conflicts with your higher core principles/priorities. Same with me (for which I've been called liberal and worse). An ideology that is taken more serious than their faith becomes a god, a false idol.

    In the end, my take is Joel interpreted in your words a linkage between Christianity and the GOP that you didn't intend and reacted viscerally. And, you interpreted in his use of xenophobia a broader criticism of you to include racism which is not what he intended and reacted viscerally.

    And, it is my experience, most visceral reactions are over-reactions.

  14. Stace Nelson 2013.09.23

    Mr Jones,
    Bearing false witness against thy neighbor is against God's Commandments whether Christian or Jew. I am responsible for my own sins, none of which are against Mr Rosenthal.

    If Mr Rosenthal was close enough to see imagined wrinkles on my shirt, then he would have clearly heard my spoken words.

    The fact that you must contort yourself with such a verbose explanation of how It was okay for Mr Rosenthal to persist with his dishonest representation of my comments, and his stereo typing and bigoted comment about me, speaks volumes.

    Rewatching the speech, I can understand the reaction of those who are desperate to maintain the political machine.

    God bless.

  15. Bill Fleming 2013.09.23

    Best argument I've seen lately to keep "Political" and "Religious" in two separate mental file folders with few – if any – cross links. And Stace, calm down buddy. You're gonna give yourself a nosebleed.

  16. Donald Pay 2013.09.23

    It seems to me that Stace's statement is similar to what you would hear from the Muslim Brotherhood. It's really not a good thing for Americans to be attempting to foist the foreign concept of religio-political governance. It's really anti-American.

  17. Roger Cornelius 2013.09.23

    Exactly what is a conservative christian?

  18. interested party 2013.09.23

    white christofascist.

  19. interested party 2013.09.23

    "Just a point of interest here, as I agree that dealing with matters of politics and international relations based on race is repugnant, but from what I’ve read, the Ashkenazi Jews, of Eastern European origins, are descendants of the Khazars, a group of Mongols who adopted the Jewish faith for political purposes. That’s neither here nor there, but a curiosity, as while there is interbreeding with, they are not of Semitic origin. Palestinians, on the other hand, are true Semites, so that the true antisemites of the region are the Israelies of Ashkenazi roots.

    The Jews in Israel are decent people of benign nature, having lived aside their Semitic cousins for centuries. I say this of them because it is true of most people everywhere. The injection of European Jewry into Palestine after World War II (the majority wanted to come to the US but were not welcome) created the tensions, as those Jews aggressively sought to conquer and annex everything around them. Their current policy is that remaining Jews on the West Bank should move to Jordan. Since they cannot openly engage in ethnic cleansing, they are killing them by a thousand knife wounds, stealing their land and water, making life so miserable that Jordan is the only option, not that Jordan wants them.

    Those in Gaza are virtual prisoners of Israel. The Ashkenazi are the singe largest ethnic group in Israel, about 3 million, seconded by Sephardic.

    By the way, I usually throw in a comment on the odd solution to the problem of right wingers massacring Jews in Europe: that of giving them Palestine. But it is equivalent to nor American natives being compensated for the massacre by European immigrants by giving them a portion of Iberia, from which the once eons ago claimed some heritage."

  20. grudznick 2013.09.23

    Maybe Mr. Joel's sole intent was to provoke Mr. Nelson into such rash behavior, further calling attention to things that some people who don't know Mr. Nelson might think are odd or imbalanced. Maybe it was part of some plan. I'm just sayin... (HT to my other friend Bill)

  21. grudznick 2013.09.23

    PS: attacks on Mr. Nelson's shirt or dress are uncalled for.

  22. interested party 2013.09.23

    Curious that Stace loathes DWC...too.

  23. Owen Reitzel 2013.09.23

    Kind of fun to see the Republicans going nuts on this on DWC.
    And they think they're leaders? wow

  24. twuecker 2013.09.23

    Just because I think the answer might have gotten lost in the other distractions on this thread:

    Stace, are you saying that Rosenthal might have a deliberate reason for what (to use the words of his rather tepid pseudo-apology) "I 'thought' I heard candidate Nelson say."?? You ask why he may have misquoted you; do you see there being some reason other than a simple mis-hearing and visceral reactions without actually checking any facts? Certainly, that in and of itself is poor form, but actually intentionally misrepresenting you is in a whole different category.

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