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Board of Minerals and Environment Votes for Gun Control at Powertech Hearing

The South Dakota Board of Minerals and Environment is still a ways from voting on the contested uranium mining permits for Powertech, but the BME did vote last week for gun control:

The hearings have been attended by law enforcement officials each day, with a concern raised Tuesday morning by an intervener that there was a woman who attended Monday’s hearings with a gun.

Chairperson Rex Hagg said the matter was taken care of Monday and that guns would not be allowed in the room for the remainder of the hearings [Kayla Gahagan, "Too Many Unknowns?" Black Hills Pioneer, 2013.09.25].

Chairman Hagg recognizes what Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz made clear the week before: guns and civic discourse don't go together.


  1. Cranky Old Dude 2013.09.30

    I don't know what to think about this: was she legally armed and if not, why wasn't she arrested? Why the sudden concern? Are feelings running that high on this issue? Or are they planning to make a really stupid decision and are worried about the reaction?
    If there are LE present you could feel comfortable leaving your carry piece in the car, I would think and that raises the question of why they feel they need a police presence. Wasn't it Hunter Thompson who said,"These things are never made clear..."?

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  3. Donald Pay 2013.09.30

    Well, you had a couple crackpot exercises that area school districts and law enforcement engaged in a few months back. The scenario was supposed to be that Powertech opponents were the terrorists.

    Anyone know which side the gun carrier was supporting, and who the intervenor was who turned them in?

    I've rarely seen law enforcement at state hearings. It happened during the ETSI hearings in the early 1980s, and I think once or twice during hearings on the nuclear waste issue in the mid-1980s. I've been at a number of hearings in Fall River County where they regularly have law enforcement come out. Must be a lot of hot heads down there.

    I don't mind having law enforcement at these heated meetings. My then wife received a death threat after testifying at a BME hearing on the sewage ash scam. They actually did have a gun at the hearing. We called the police, but nothing happened. And then there was the time that someone (It might have been Pat Powers father or someone who worked for him) sat for several days in a car outside our house in Pierre, South Dakota. If you are fighting the establishment in South Dakota, you can expect to be terrorized.

  4. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.09.30

    (Word game! Donald, when the state does it, do we still call it terrorism? Or does it become fascism?)

  5. Donald Pay 2013.09.30

    State terrorism would be one term, but what we experienced didn't come from the state. Others, particularly Native Americans, probably caught a whiff of full blown state terrorism from Janklow, but generally the state takes a hands-off policy. It's generally the nimrods, the desperate investors and the politically connected businessmen who engage in the intimidation and threats. And they get cover from the state.

  6. interested party 2013.10.01

    The Janklow legacy lives on as work at Superfund sites goes undone.

    Rex Hagg showed huevos grandes by his move and got little backlash from the god and guns groupies: wonder why.

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